Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Why I Quit My Job

I have learned to draw-in you readers with my titles. However, this stunning title holds truth. I did quit my job, and I’m about to tell you why.

I am still working at K105, hosting the morning show “In The Know” and loving every single minute. I’ve continued to host the show even after leaving the station three years ago to take a position with Dan Powers GM Center. The general manager graciously allowed me to leave one hour each morning to continue my position with the show.

After three years of handling out-of-town customers for the dealership, I made a decision to leave Dan Powers GM Center at the end of September. I was approached, on June 17th, about serving as a Board of Directors member for a new women & children’s facility called Saving Hope Charities. After a few months of working to help setup this life changing facility, I was asked to consider working as the fund-raising coordinator and public relations manager. I recall that on Feb. 26th, the last day of my 30's, God said to me that he was going to use me to work with women this decade. I even said it on the show, so it's on a podcast somewhere...however, I had no idea what he meant when he told me that. After much prayer, God led me to take the next year of my life and set forth on an adventure to help breathe life into Saving Hope. Therefore, I told my guy pals at the dealership bye, and set forth to start educating the community about the vision of this center.

I just want to take a minute to frown about not spending everyday with this group of co-workers. They were just too much fun!

What is Saving Hope Charities? We are located at the old Country Side Inn Motel on Commerce Drive in Leitchfield. A friend of mine, Cindy Huff, was passing the motel one day when God showed her a vision of the facility. A year later, the first building has been remodeled and ready to open. Can I just say that I have completely cheated you out of the miraculous story of God’s hand in this by only telling you that much? The good news: I will share all of it with you…I’ll tell you how in a bit. It's her story to tell but it's so good I am dying to tell it all! Just know that this entire project has been paid for up to this date!

Think of us as a life-training center to help women build and prepare to be successful in life. We are looking to help reunite mothers with children who have been in foster care, expecting mothers who are homeless or in a dire situation, mothers who are stuck in the cycle of the system and need a time-out in life to recreate her situation. When they leave us, we want our families living a self-sustaining life that is rewarding for them.

The program is 6 – 12 months long and will teach a full array of curriculum that is Christ-centered. Our families will learn banking, cooking, nutrition, budgeting, child discipline methods, relationship skills, and life coping curriculum, to name a few. After working with the GC Extension Office this morning, I am excited to go through these classes, too!

I am completely skimming over the top of this in-depth training that will empower these women to become who Christ created them to be.

I am available to present Saving Hope to any civic, social, or church group who would like more information on who we help, what our needs are, and how volunteers can be involved.

We hope to have our first families living with us by the first of the year. But we need funding to hire employees for 24/7 coverage, or find qualified volunteers to help take shifts to cover the facility 24/7.

If you are interested in learning more about us please call or text me (270) 868-6271, and check out our website: If you would like to make a donation you can do so on the front page of the website.

If you didn’t hear this today, let me say: God is Good!

Please consider donating to this amazing amount is too small.

Remember this place? Look and see what the Lord has done!

I love this lady, she has become such a sweet friend to me, and I could not be happier to share office space with her at the center, and work along side her as we move forward to open this facility. If only I had half the heart and compassion that she exudes! Sharon Puckett also serves as one of our board members. You can read more about her story on our website!

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