Saturday, November 5, 2016

Mallory's Unique Senior Photo Location

She's waited a long time to choose her perfect senior photo shoot setting. 

When she announced to me where her heart desired I just melted. 

It was perfect!

The day of her shoot it was raining so we ended up indoors. 

Those photos were gorgeous, but she had chosen a location near to her heart so we rescheduled for another day. 

Mallory loves history, and lives to tour caves, creeks, trails, and older buildings. Even since she were young she would say, as we passed older buildings, "I just wonder about all the stories that happened in there..."

"Mom, I want to have my senior photos taken at Mamaw Deans house...where Mamaw Rhonda was raised," she exclaimed one afternoon.

This girl loves my mother, her Mamaw Rhonda. They talk often, and Mallory will drive to Caneyville at random times just to visit with her. 

I had looked for a unique  place in our county, considered other options out of county, but couldn't have been more excited when she came up with this perfect idea. 

It's so her...every piece of history my mothers family holds is framed behind this gorgeous girl. 

All of the stories I remember as a child with my cousins during the holidays, fighting over the washer & dryer to sit on as we ate our made-from-scratch holiday meals; grandchildren were made to sit in the bathroom/utility was rather large.  

I remember having to drawl water from this well, and using an outhouse until about the age of 6 or 8. 

The blanket Mallory is sitting on was hand-sewn by my Mamaw Dean...made from old clothes belonging to various family members. She's holding my Bible that I was given by my church as a graduation gift my senior year. 

Last March, Mamaw Dean went to be with the Lord at the age of 100. We miss her immensely. 

I love the uniqueness of this girl of mine!  

I couldn't have chosen a better location. 

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