Wednesday, October 12, 2016

The Voice of The Cougars

It’s been branded as “The Voice of the Cougars” but for many of us it really became a homing device of sorts. I can remember driving home from college in the mid-90’s and hearing the static give way to Dave Thompson’s voice flawlessly, without stutter, describe to me the intense football game being played at Cougar Field. For a homesick country girl, that familiar voice was like a medicine that soothed my soul; I knew home was insight.

I had the honor to share office space with Dave Thompson for about a year and half when I took my position as the News Director at WKHG. His words were few when the microphone was turned off, his work ethic unmatched, and his dependability to always bring his best game was something I strive to live up to…even to this day. Dave’s talent to paint a picture with his words was a true gift to our community.

Last night, I had the dubious honor of being a part of a select handful who witnessed Dave Thompson be awarded the Kentucky MIC Award and be inducted into the Kentucky Broadcasting Hall Of Fame. My friend & morning co-host, Mark Buckles, who sits on the KBA Board, not only championed Dave's career to the awards selection committee, but had the humbling task of presenting this award to Dave.
Hall of Fame…that’s exactly where the Dave Thompson’s of the world deserve to be. Also gracing the stage to accept awards last night were Senator Mitch McConnell, and Melissa Swan (WHAS11), among others.

Dave's acceptance speech showed the humbleness, kindness, and humor I came to know as I worked along side him my first year at K105. His wife and six children were in attendance; he included them in his speech, calling them his best friends. As much as we adored his talent, and he loved being our broadcaster for the news and sports, I knew from my first conversation with him that his family was the apple of his eye…I’m thankful we got his voice for 42 years.

These women share my radio world with me...some of the best days of our lives.