Friday, September 23, 2016

Toga Party of Four

Standing with luke-warm coffee in one hand, I could feel glitter beginning to settle across my nose as I saw the blur of the last toga-wrapped teenage girl fleeing down the staircase. 

I snapped a picture…

The Middle Girl requested I help make togas for her and three friends as they carry on a tradition older than I am at our local high school. It’s spirit week; Juniors wear capes, Seniors wear togas. The Boy, who is a junior, wasn’t interested in wearing a cape; I would be lying if I said I wasn’t shocked when I heard the Middle Girl shout to him late last night, “Are you not wearing a cape tomorrow?” I had a moment of, “Oh my goodness…I forgot he was a Junior!”

So the night ended with orange & blue material laid across the infamous staircase banister that has housed many capes, togas, and general drying laundry over the past 12 years. As the glue dried from placing glitter and ribbons across hem lines, we went to bed knowing the morning would be hectic.

The aforementioned material was wrapped, twisted, pinned, sewed, and glued onto four teenage girls this morning, taking the shape of togas. That’s good news, since at 10:30 p.m. last night it was questionable if they would resemble anything. However, it's left my bed, hallway, and two bathrooms resembling war-zones.

I make this entry into this diary of mine to be able to look back someday and remember what this week was like. These are the moments I have waited to participate in, and now want to remember in my future.

They are fleeting…like a vapor. These are the days of our lives and as full as this summer has been with heartache and victories (blogs to come), I want to hold onto even the smallest of moments…every fleck of glitter settling on my nose. It will someday remind me of her and these times we spent being together as a mom and a teenage daughter.

She, her boyfriend, and one of her best friends also dressed up this week as Kylie Jenner, Tiga, and Black Cyna for Hollywood Day, and as Lord Farquaad and Gingy, the gingerbread boy, from Shrek on Good vs. Evil Day:

Now this; this is the what I found while looking for The Boy in his room. He was not found, but many missing items from the pantry have been located. Now my investigation has turned to why these items were found in his room. The pondering is never-ending.