Saturday, May 14, 2016

My Heart Gushes

This girl used to dress up in her Sunday best and go to the high school each year and watch the prom goers enter the doors. I had to be there to cover prom for my job, but she loved to tag along dreaming of the day she would go to her first prom. It's a bitter sweet moment on this journey I call motherhood...
My Saturday off work started fairly early with the boy's agenda in my left hand and a cup of coffee in my right.

The boy has a J-O-B! Stop here and praise Jesus. Thank you.

He will be slinging hotdogs and slushies this summer at the aquatic center. This new prestigious position required some grownup moves on his behalf this morning. We headed to the bank to open his first checking account, then to city hall to fill out the proper tax forms, and our last stop was to Quick Care for a drug test. We walked in to a room full of teenagers chugging water attempting to force their bladders to perform so they could "take" their test and leave.

As soon as his test was over, I headed home to an anxious girl who was waiting for mom to start curling her hair, she kept reminding me how excited she was for the night. Within three hours I had one head of hair finished, her friends make-up finished, toenails painted, Band-Aids on feet, dresses ironed and taped in place, and a few photos snapped! Her smile in these photos are worth every piece of stress and fret I experienced today. Isn't she lovely...and her date Charlie rounded out this gorgeous couple. My heart gushes.

In other Thomas family business:

The girl is home from college, back to being a sandwich artist at Subway during the day and has spent her nights being a cooler artist. She was invited by her boyfriend to his frat formal. I had no idea that the appropriate response to this was to gift the date with a hand-painted cooler. She worked for nights on-end to complete this; I'm super impressed!

We had a wonderful Mother's Day at my sister Buffy's. My children crossed another threshold in life as they were responsible to clean up the kitchen after lunch. But the best part was seeing the handmade card my niece made for my sister. My mother helped her find photos of her mother from childhood. Mammaw got mine and Buffy's photos confused so I made the card! Priceless. You're welcome for the appearance on your card, Buffy. 

We celebrated this girls 27th birthday last night at my moms. She came into my life when I was 13, and was the missing piece to our lives. She made us a sisterhood of 7 girls. I remember when my husband, then boyfriend, wanted to go out with me I would give him conditions to earn the date. (Don't ask me why, long story) Anyway, one of the tasks was to assemble her tricycle. Seriously, where has the time gone.