Tuesday, January 5, 2016

The Best Thing I Bought Last Year

This happened last night:

I’m heartbroken that it’s gone. It’s homemade body butter made by my neighbor, who is enlarging her knowledge about healthier means in life, including essential oils. I, too, have become obsessed with learning and using more essential oils in my daily life. This butter was immersed with frankincense and myrrh.

One of the best items I bought for myself last year was a diffuser. I use it the entire  time I am home! If you want to get into essential oils but you are not sure where to start, start with a diffuser. My bedroom (where it sits) just feels much more sterile. My daughter also took her diffuser to college with her and said she loves it!

I diffused eucalyptus while I had a sinus infection, and rubbed a small amount on my temples and behind my ears about three times a day, for about four days. It was the first sinus infection I’ve had that I did not end up at the doctors office for a shot of antibiotics! Score! (Yes, I used OTC meds too for the headache, but I’ve always had to have an antibiotic to clear up the infection)

Please know that when you get into EO’s you will want to ensure they are 100% pure therapeutic grade oils. I have used DoTerra and Young Living, and I know both are fine to use. I have bought cheap oils at stores and I can smell the chemicals in them, they are not pure grade oils. They smell fine to diffuse but they won’t work as natural medicine, which is the lure to this new movement.

My favorite blend is by DoTerra and is called Balance. It’s a very earthy blend that just calms your mood immediately when inhaled. I place a drop in my hands, rub together, and inhale.

My neighbor also made a sore muscle rub that my step dad began to use on his knees. He's had no knee soreness when he awakes since he started using this rub. He said it took about 48 hours to start working. My husband claims this rub, when used on his back, relaxes his muscles almost too much... Lol

She also makes chap sticks. I’m hoping she will teach me her technique. I cannot describe how luxurious this body butter recipe is! These melt like real butter in your hand, spread over your skin like baby oil, and then absorb with no oily residue. I’m obsessed! All the ingredients are natural.

Indulge in the natural! I’m so happy I am starting this journey!

My husband, however, said I smell a little like bark at times, and it took the sore muscle rub to win-him-over to my oils.

Word of advice, when I first started I was over-using my oils and gave myself crazy headaches. One drop of true therapeutic grade oil is enough to cover every molecular cell in your body. Small doses! Oils can penetrate the cellular wall to clean out the viruses and contaminates inside your cells. These oils were used in the Bible constantly. Pretty amazing that God’s ways are always right.

There are many diffusers on Amazon.com to choose from. You will want to ensure they have a timer so you don’t have to worry about it not turning off.

Happy oiling!

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