Monday, January 4, 2016

The Next Step In Her Life

And then she was gone...

Moved away to college over an hour away from home, in a complex without any of us there with her. Not even the cat.

I know thousands and thousands of parents go through this each year, but I haven't had to until now.

I've already called her to see if she needed me to come back and stay, or move her home.

The Eldest Girl started a new journey today, into her college career at U of L.

I made her a binder, inspired by my friend Mandi, to remind her of things she's heard from me a million times, a family prayer I wrote us this year for her to pray over herself every morning, a few "How-To's" that will help her along the way, and some surprise cash when she finds herself needing a few extra dollars.

Her little, tiny bedroom was adorned in grays and pinks, and her groceries tucked away in her cabinets when we left. I haven't cried too much yet. Dad was red eyed when we hit the parking lot; he just hugged me up and let me stare through the window aimlessly for awhile.

But my heartache is nothing compared to me watching her siblings upset. I was sitting on her bed this evening when The Boy came in and sat down in front of me. As the tears gushed, he just hugged me and began to cry himself. I eventually got up and headed downstairs to tell my husband goodnight. When I came back upstairs, The Boy was still sitting on her bed, just staring at her bookcase over her bed that's full of photos.

My babies are close...they've never fought and argued like most siblings. I hadn't really thought too much about how these two, still at home, will deal with the move. It's a big adjustment for us all.

I am excited and terrified for her all at the same time! I keep hoping I taught her everything she needs to know while living in this big ole world without me. I feel like I have left her naked...unprotected...vulnerable. It's a terrible feeling. I guess this is where I step out on this faith I cling to so dearly. I know my God will protect her.

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