Wednesday, January 6, 2016

The Boy is 16

The husband walked through the kitchen with a plate full of grilled chicken legs and The Boy sniffed really big and said, “MMMMM, chicken with a handle! My favorite!” He was four.

He was determined to be Michael Jackson’s protégé around the age of 5-7, and would dance randomly around the house. I caught him a few times on video.

He would run “fast like Dash (Disney’s Incredibles)” at the age of three, and have me count how fast he could race.

He loved girls early on, and still has a hard time doing what his momma asked of him; leaving girls alone until he’s 40. And the girls swooned over him from pre-school on. His skater-boy hair and blue eyes were apparently the hip-happening thing.

I almost had two babies in 1999. My Middle Daughter was born at the end of January 1999, and when I found out I was pregnant again, when she was only 11 weeks old, it rocked my core. I was young and not ready for two girls, much less a third baby. But boy oh boy, what God allowed in my life he has used for the good…complete and total goodness. The Boy came into our lives on Jan. 6, 2000.

The Middle Girl, still only 11 months old, didn’t care much for him but grew to love him after he became big enough to play with her. Those two would spend hours playing house - her favorite…not his! He has always been docile, agreeable, laid back, sporty, and determined. He learned to ride his 12” bike without training wheels at 3 years old. This was the start of his “showing-of-for-the-girls” phase. He looked like a circus sideshow on that little bike.

This boy loves his momma differently than my girls. They love me because I’m momma. He’s always been in love with me, and declared to marry me when he was two. At 3 or 4 years old he was sobbing and running towards me at the ballpark; I came off of the bleachers and met him halfway up the riser. When I grabbed him to see what was wrong he said, “What are we going to do with daddy when I marry you?” I just assured him we would keep daddy. He just smiled.

And we’ve managed to keep daddy around for these past 16 years; I don’t think The Boy wants to marry me anymore, but he still takes care of me. He will open my door, help with groceries, and just randomly text me to see how my day is going. He’s even experienced his own supernatural healing from God…but that’s his story to tell the details.

These days he loves to solve a Rubik’s cube, compete in cross country, competitive cheer, and track & field. He is learning to be a man, and I am thankful I get to watch it take place.

I didn’t plan any of my children, but the plans God has laid for us since their births have been beautiful. Children really are a heritage to the Lord, and to us. They carry our hearts with them, they create memories, laughs, and even frustration. But it’s life. I’m thankful for The Boy! He completes my life!
He's funny!
AND...he's grown 6" in the past year...he's no longer the shortest kid.

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