Thursday, January 14, 2016

Little Piles of Life

Life is busy, right? It seems as though I cannot get a grip on the daily task, which results in these little piles all around my house.

We walked in from The Boy’s 16th birthday outing with his friends, on Saturday. I can’t explain the chaos that is being a mother of three teens but maybe this blog will represent. It’s much like running a marathon/scavenger hunt most days. At the end of day’s like these I fall in the bed and collapse, and think about all the piles in my life.

The Saturday morning race began with coffee, prayer, make up & hair…now I’m off. I pull into the dealership and clocked-in for four hours. In these four hours I rerouted our planned daily outing from one indoor trampoline park in Lexington to a new place recently opened in Louisville. This cuts down on travel!

I head home at noon to find seven boys and the husband waiting for me. We got waivers signed, people positioned in the caravan of vehicles, and we are headed to Louisville to pick up the eighth party participant.

We arrange to pick him up at a nearby restaurant, but due to intensive Rubik’s Cube solving by these four, a phone call was not placed to let boy #8 know we were close. Therefore, he decided to run to us (his ride wasn’t home yet); we intercepted this kid on his commute to us.

The caravan is now headed towards House of Boom where we sign-in 8 boys, leave them with strict instructions to call us if anything negative happens. I said this twice…to at least six of them.

Dad and I are now headed to the mall to see our college girl!!! I didn’t get a photo of her because I ran across the mall, once I spotted her, screaming, “There’s my baby! There she is for real!” We had lunch with her, bought her a sack full of cookies, and sent her on her way back to her campus life.

We arrived back to House of Boom to discover one boy has an extremely swollen ankle, and has been injured for over an hour. It’s right up there; see it? The sixth paragraph down, I clearly stated to call us if anything negative happens. Eight boys, eight cell phones, and nary a text. He did speak to his mother.

Good news…he didn’t die; I’m sure he cried a little. It looked horrible.

We are now headed towards a pizza buffet. Fed the herd, headed home.

This is where the piles come in. Back to paragraph one. We walked in from this outing and there they are. The remnants of my past few weeks…

They glare at me and mock me. I hate them. I’m not even sure how they form, but it’s like mold. It just grows, and they spread everywhere! Somehow, between the holidays, working four jobs between the husband and I, three teens, their friends, moving a girl to college, a boy turning 16, and my churches 21 day fast, where we meet every night for 21 days and pray over the request laid on the alter, these piles have formed everywhere!

There’s Christmas decorations that didn’t get put away with the tree:

There’s mail from how many weeks?

There’s laundry! Always! My mother is cringing because one week before this pic she had my laundry caught up.

There’s this pile of candles in my kitchen floor. Why?

My bed isn’t even safe from the piles:

Even the photo wall has new photos piled on top of framed photos. Seriously?

This…this just makes me crazy. This is inside my home office door. It’s the remnants of closet clean-out.

This is the remnants of two teenage girls closet clean-out.

My husband says I don’t need a nightstand, I need a locker. I think he’s right.  *sighhh

Under my fireplace. Really?

Uhhh…even the husband has piles of stuff.

Stuff lining the walls to be hung up.

Shoes…there’s always shoes.

This makes me crazy. This makes my aura feel cloudy. It overwhelms me.

But as I was climbing the stairs with my dark, cloudy aura I stumbled onto this pile of boys laughing and having a good time. I snapped a pic, and am reminded that even with one sprained ankle, we are healthy, warm, fed, and loved. My piles of stuff that make me feel like I’m failing to keep all things together as a wife/mother, have no bearing on these moments that remind me that my time with them living at home is short. So let there be piles when there needs to be piles. There will come a day when the piles will not form because I will be an empty-nester, and have ample amount of time to complete house chores.

I’m happy to report that the day after these photos were taken, most piles were dismantled. Most items have been sold, donated, put away in their home. Just a week before the Middle Girls birthday commences. *lacing my running shoes

Let the piles form again…It’s a part of my life…and I’m ok with that.

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