Saturday, January 2, 2016

An Angel for the Journey

And then there she was...driving a suburban on our test drive route with her husband to her right, and me (her sales associate) in the back seat.

She had called me earlier in the day inquiring about a vehicle we had in our inventory; she explained she was about two hours away and was willing to make the drive to our dealership if I could get the vehicle there (she knew it was located at our sister location). I made the arrangements and within two hours she was on the test drive with me, that's when I asked her the same question I ask all of my customers about this point in our time together; "So, what do you do for a living."

When she answered me I knew exactly that she had been placed in my path; she was an answer to a prayer that I had earnestly been praying for the past week.

I have been preparing for Eldest Daughter to make her move to college but now that we are days away I feel like I'm suffocating!

I have prayed many prayers for her on this journey: scholarships, career decisions, living arrangements, roommates, etc...but I hadn't considered her not having a church or church family in her new town until about a week ago. I teared-up at the thought of her not having her church at her immediate reach. My kids have learned, along with me, over the past nine years that our place of worship is a refuge for us when we are broken, a source of strength when we feel like we are too weak to move on, and a place of celebration when we are standing on the mountain! I cannot imagine her making the drive home every weekend, and earnestly began to pray that God lead her to a place of refuge in her new city. A church family who will watch over her when she's not with me.

"So, what do you do for a living," I asked her. "I'm the associate minister at the Christian church in my town," she replied. "I was the youth pastor for years until recently..." she went on about overseeing missionary work, and other areas of her church, but all I could do was keep myself from crying in the back seat.

I mean, how weird, that your car sales person starts crying on you.

I said, "I think you're an answer to my prayer." As I explained my prayer she just grinned and said she would love meet my daughter and help her get acclimated to the church community around the college; she explained she worked very closely with several of them. After her purchase, she left me her card and information for my girl to contact her. I learned she's originally from a neighboring county, and graduated with a good friend of mine.

I'm always amazed when he answers my prayers...every. single. time.

Tonight, I will sleep a little easier knowing that I have a new friend who my daughter can call upon to find herself a new church on her new journey.

In other family business:

I wrapped Christmas presents today. Yes, presents for 2016. 75% off = me working ahead! The fun part of this is when the gifts are opened in 12 months, they will be a surprise to me too! That's seeing the cup half full on this "getting old" journey!

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