Thursday, July 10, 2014


Dear Dumbest Diary..

I’m so far behind…I think this is indicative of my life these past few months. So many MAJOR events have occurred but yet I sit here failing to write them in your crisp white pages…

I can sum up my past several weeks with these photos. Everytime I looked over this kid was eating on the run in the mornings...and dinner was also on the run in the evenings. Yes, he is eating Funyuns for breakfast. My parenting is top notch.

This kid graduated. Maybe if I don’t write it down it didn’t really happen?

See the golf ball? I have not the slightest as to why she handed it to her principal as she walked-the-line, but I did learn she was not alone. 114 other kids did the same…

Isn’t she lovely? She just returned home from a trip to Paris and London where she failed to meet the Queen Mum and talk her into allowing our family to be adopted into the Royal family, however, she totally redeemed herself as she pretended to be a Beatle on Abbey Road in this pic. We let her come home after this.

Her graduation party was complete with family, friends, and cheesecake (that's all she asked for).

I had collected t-shirts that were important to her since she was in 1st grade and had a quilt made out of them. She loved it! However, I did get one of the Middle Girl's shirts in the mix...ooppps.

Today she is 18. That is all I can say about it at this moment. #tears

This lovely lady is headed into her sophomore year of high school and landed the role as Historian for our local DECA chapter. She and I spent a day last month with the other leadership team members at Camp Courageous Kids in Scottsville. Wow…that’s all I can say about the ministry of these people who opened this camp for children with medical disabilities. We were there during MDA week. Every child there has Muscular Dystrophy. Our DECA chapter raises money every year for MDA; it was awesome and inspiring to see that money at work. This camp runs on donations only! Middle Girl walked away wanting to be part of this somehow…that’s enough for this mom; a spark of desire to help others!

This kid just celebrated his birthday with a swim party. Yes, if you are keeping score at home, his birthday is in January and yes I am just now getting around to throwing a party. I’m telling you, it’s a birthday hex he lives under. This year, however, the ice storm kept us from having a successful party in a timely manner.

I never blogged about the Middle Girl’s 15th party, which was also in January. It was a success, with make-up being taught, and an awesome Minion cake by my sister! I love the age where cartoon characters theme their birthday cake but grown up choices are budding.

Back to this boy…

He’s become a Frisbee trick-shot artist, and a competitive tumbler for our local travel cheerleading team. See what I did there? I told him he wasn’t a cheerleader until he stood on the side of the game cheering, therefore I was renaming him a competitive tumbler. I’ve told him for years that if he wanted to compete in a Blue/White uniform on Rupp Arena’s floor it was going to have to be as a cheerleader. He ignored me for years until he happened upon our new local gym and their male coach tumblers. Lets just say he learns fast and never backs down from a challenge.

Oh be still my heart…

This preciousness came into our world this month.

She’s perfectly perfect! My sister now has three girls. My prayer for this baby (and all her girls) is that she grow up to love the Lord more than anything; she walk is his light and glory and lead other girls her age to their promised futures in Christ, walk in purity and obedience of the word - for there she will grow up clothed in respect and strong character and her children will rise up and call her blessed, Proverbs 31:28

...just as we call her momma blessed.