Monday, June 2, 2014

Snips and Snails…

snapped this pic on Easter Sunday after four little cousins had found all the eggs that four older cousins/friends hid for them. 
This is the first year my babies didn’t hunt eggs but instead were enlisted to hide them. We’ve crossed another threshold of “growing up.”

Sitting at these feet remind me that they - the baby cousins - too are growing up…
This 7-year-old may be the modern day version of Huck Finn. He’s always got an adventure stirring, and he’s very creative with his responses and explanations of misadventures. His life isn’t revolved around homelessness, slavery, or abandonment like Huck Finns, but he sure is an exuberant boy who is deciphering the worlds intellectual and moral education it has for him one scraped knee at a time.

He’s the younger of two boys, and the only nephew I have who - until the last year - was in love with me.

He spent many nights at my house and at the age of 3, while ascending my staircase behind me clothed in footed pajamas, he said, “I can’t live with you, you don’t have any pictures of me on your walls.” I reminded him that I hadn’t asked him to move in but he said, “Yes, I can.”

Now, missing his front teeth, he spends his days watching Family Feud, playing Minute to Win It, and running on his treadmill he and his brother spent their own money to buy.

He’s like most boys who like to play in the dirt and leave their shoes untied, but this boy is different. He was proficient in Rock Bank on the drums by the age of 3, knew the words to every Beatles song Rock Band offered by the same age, could successfully use the iPad, and break through any password to buy songs on iTunes by the age of 4, and had his own catchphrase every time he gave a kiss; “Oh, the stars of the night,” was heard every time he gave a smooch!

I’ve surely enjoyed watching him grow over the years, and now that MY baby boy will start high school this next school year, I am noticing more of the details of my nieces and nephews little lives that are still into popsicles and egg hunts.

In other Thomas Family business:

The boy graduated 8th grade with an attendance award; I had not noticed he hadn’t missed any school this year. Received a high school credit for the Algebra 1 class he completed with an A average, and was 3rd overall in Science.

I had a daughter graduate high school this past weekend, but that’s an entirely separate blog.