Saturday, February 22, 2014

I Had To Buy A Prom Dress...For Me

The night before, I drug the Middle Girl and my pastors daughter out-of-town to find me a prom dress! 

No, I'm not going to prom but to my churches Winter Ball Valentines Banquet. This year was a formal event!  

See the creepers over my shoulder?  Thrilled to be with me. 

At one point, I had successfully pulled a too small dress over my head and onto my body, but taking it off was not as easy. My arms were straight over my head with the dress - at it's tightest point - across my face and pressed against my nose. The girls were MIA and I was about 3 seconds from declaring this was the rest of my life when it rolled itself up my arms like a rubber band that snapped loose. 

We finally found one that fit, was age appropriate and cost efficient...$54.05!  Go Prom Team! (JCPenney)
This banquet is for married couples only and is one of many reasons why I love my church family.  We celebrate married couples!  
Kudos to fellow church member Brad Mudd, owner of Designs by Brad - find on Facebook - for the amazing atmosphere he creates for us each year!!  

I got to spend some much needed time with my best friends.  
This is how cool God is:

Several years ago I found myself parting ways with a group of friends and I remember saying to someone that I missed my childhood/teenage friends. That I wished they were back in my life.  Fast forward a few years and I look around and see my life with Christ and I see myself in church with all of those people I had on my mind that day.  And even better, He has added to me some of the best, new friends my heart could desire. 

But my favorite moment of the night was this:
That's my husbands hand wrapped around my arm as our speaker was talking about the gift of marriage. 18-years of marriage later and I love these little gestures more now than ever.  

Our speakers, Pastor Kevin McKnight and his wife, Robin from World Evangel, made some great points for couples. Pray. Everyday for yourself, your spouse and children. Show you care everyday, and dare to be different from the world.  

I won the group game!  Won a candle!  That's how we roll!  

In other Thomas Family business:

The kids went bowling as we were gone. This excites me because the Eldest Girl and the Boyfriend took the two youngsters, and paid their way!  Yay. This speaks volumes to me on so many levels. 

The husband using my camera. 

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