Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Eve of Old

I realized at 9:00 p.m. this evening that not once today has my husband laid eyes on me…

This really isn’t notable except for TODAY!

Today is the eve of my birthday…this is the last day of me being 37…I left the house this morning before he was awake and due to busy schedules we didn’t partake in our daily lunch date. He has a long night ahead of him and I will be asleep when he gets home.

This is of concern because I’m pretty sure I’m going to wake-up looking like a shriveled prune…at least that’s how I feel as I am about to turn 38.

On this last day of 37, I stand embracing these last few hours of an age I dreaded this day last year. On a great note I got this in the mail today:

Notice the side note that this is Sharon Stone at age 56 “& Hotter Than Ever!!”

This glimmer of hope has me hoping I wake up 56, a blonde, and draped in fishnet! Because this is good look… :/

I did decide to treat myself to dinner in bed:

I helped the Middle Girl study for a test, and now I’m hoping I didn’t do more harm than good.

Well, I’m headed to bed…If I don’t wake up 56-year-old Sharon Stone tomorrow…I’m sorry. The alternative is not that good.

In other Thomas Family business:

My niece and I both celebrated our birthdays at my mom’s this week.  Chicken-N-Dumplins' are all of our favorite, and we even got a homemade cake by mamaw.

This sweetness drags her finger through EVERY cake she comes across - it's her signature move, if you will.

After slices were served to everyone, even her, she wanted to remove all of the white dots on the edge and eat them.  

She tried a fork after the finger technique failed her.

But in the end the obvious maneuver was chosen. 

She also scored this little ditty:

I got a fruit bowl...

I was secretly hoping to get a matching suit.

In my sister’s defense, I requested the fruit bowl at Christmas.

(Tomorrow is my birthday, therefore, it's not too late for you to buy me the matching cowgirl suit!)

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