Thursday, February 13, 2014

Allow Me To Introduce Myself

I was standing by the stove as the boy was across the kitchen holding the newspaper as wide as his arms would stretch. His eyes bright as they scrolled across the pages full of sports pictures and various other stories. With awesome wonder he says, "Wonder what it's like to be one of those news reporter people who gets to pick what makes a good news story? Bet that's a cool job!"

I just glared at him as I could feel his father doing the same.

"Ask your mom," said the dad.

The boy just looked at me and said, "why?"

"Oh wait! Is that what you did at K105," he asked.

Not sure if I should laugh or cry, but I'm still just glaring at him as my mind is recalling the hundreds of times he accompanied me to meetings and various events.

Even last night on the way home from church he said, "I miss you working at the radio station and taking us with you to all that stuff."

Excuse me while I go upstairs and introduce myself to my son...

Hello, I'm your mother and until recently, I spent the last eight years working as a news reporter for your local radio station.

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