Monday, January 13, 2014

Outgrowing The Old

These were the first things I bought when I found out I was pregnant with Eldest Girl. As I stood and looked at them last night I’m tickled how they foretold the future of this child unbeknownst to me. Oh how she loves to read…

As we disassemble the toy room, sell cabinets, pack away memories, toys, and stories; we embark on repurposing the room so it will compliment where my children are in their lives today - in need of a place to socialize - leaving us to repurpose the room as a “media” room: t.v., movies, games, etc…

It’s the first of hopefully many changes to our home this year, as the time has come to heal drywall of nine years of raising children, entertaining family and hosting birthday parties. Bring up-to-date, well, our lives.

In only nine years this once brand new home seems out-of-touch with who we are now. When first built, it was ready to meet all of our needs. Equipped with an office for our business, a kitchen to sustain my catering services, and a toy room to occupy three tots and their buddies.

Now with technology, career move and puberty, this house isn’t used like it once was. Laptops have moved the husbands “office” to his man cave area, teenagers have no use for a toy room and triple ovens are not needed by a dealership Internet Sales Manager who specializes in frozen entrees.

As we patch the walls and redesign, I plan to take the old and use to decorate the new in the form of photos, coloring sheets, and dishes designed with Sharpies at the hands of babies in this kitchen, I’m excited to see what else this year holds. I’m excited to show you when it’s finished.

In other Thomas’ family business:

While having lunch several weeks ago I explained a particularly large parenting decision to the Husband that we needed to make. With his spoon of soup half-way lifted to his mouth, and heavily tapping his right pointer finger into the table top he said, “I have NEVER parented these children and I will NOT start today.” Mean mugging me with a smirk underneath he added, “You can’t make me,” as he slurped his soup, still shaking his head. As I thanked him for the past almost 18 years of saying, “whatever you think,” I just laughed. Why am I taken to an episode of King of Queens every time he and I get together?

He and I spent the weekend in Louisville. We were asleep by 10:30 p.m. our time - we’re awesome! The fact that he uses my mirror to speak to me is my fav. This is how I found out we were going:

Recently, I took a test drive with a guy who races cars. We test drove a 2013 Corvette 427 - first time in a Corvette, right here! When the customer pulls over to buy his own gas for the test drive, be prepared… As I climbed up the seatbelt in fetal position, he asked if I was scared. “No, I always ride like this,” I kindly replied in my Alvin the Chipmunk voice.

Good news: I lived to tell about it.

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