Thursday, January 16, 2014

12 Days of Thomas Christmas

On the 12th Day of Christmas my true love brought to me:

12 grandbabies ready for Christmas at Mamaws

11 funny faces and one pouty

10 nervous minutes singing in the Christmas Program (more like 3 mintues - felt like 10)

9 thumbs up for Papaws Chocolate gravy!

8 babies making cookies/plates for Santa.

7 babies happy with new Bow & Arrows from Aunt Misty!

6 sisters with monogrammed aprons that are from my sister’s restaurant.

5 new pictures for the Grandparents of the senior!

4 Hippity Hops for teenagers.

3 gifts from the husband - this is my fav. (loving rose gold now)

2 new babies for us to enjoy for Christmas!

1 beautiful quilt made by my grandmother years ago, and hand quilted by the Amish this year at my mothers expense. Thank you, Momma, the Amish and Mammaw Dean for the heirloom!

12 Days After Christmas my true love brought to me:

12 o'clock fun on New Years Eve with great food and company at Midtown Café.

11,thousand fake leaves attached to a hunting suit that we obviously will need when the apocalypse hits.

10 days of clothes hanging over the banister to dry, attempting to catch-up on snow day laundry.

9 hours of me wearing a medical mask so I didn’t contract the husbands vicious virus!

8th Grade Basketball Night was commenced…the boy is called “The Heart of the Team!” He is a great encourager…

7 hours of living under the boys birthday hex…As he opened his gift to find a new PS3 game I scored on Black Friday, the game didn’t work - so we thought. 7 hours later we discovered his PS3 bit the dust.

6 teens completing two DECA Manuals for competition later this month - one mom reviewing page after page for edits.

5 minutes slipped away as the husband and I had breakfast at 11:00 p.m. at the Huddle House.

4 poster boards for the kids and I to make “Goal Boards” and hang in our dressing areas. The Middle Girl and I have completed ours with goals, prayers and bucket list items that motivate us each day. Not sure why the Eldest Girl hasn’t completed hers, but the Boy’s goal is to not make the board, I’m pretty sure.

3 teens home from school on several “cold” days…never have we missed school due to low temperatures. 

2 14-year-olds until the Middle Girl turns 15 later this month.

1 couple spending date night working a puzzle. Couldn't love more...

“Family is the most important thing in the world.” – Princess Diana

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