Monday, October 14, 2013

Hard To Look At

My feet have gotten wet and I am in full wading waters now at the new job! I’ve sold several vehicles, two to one family Friday - thank you - and I am LOVING my new gig! I haven’t blogged since I took the position because it’s been such a change. 

I cried the first two weeks…

Then two things happened, and I dried it up!

I got my first paycheck! Who says money can't buy you love?

And I picked up a newspaper for the first time. I felt the relief of not being responsible for all of those meetings, fires, accidents, community events, and the lengthy tasks to produce broadcast copy and newspaper articles; it was like feeling the first gush of ocean water run over my feet on a hot summer day.

Many things have transpired but the one that consumes me this week is the girls senior photo session.

Shop Local:

I wanted to take her shopping and buy new outfits and really indulge in one of the last few big events of her high school career. I remember being overly excited about my senior photos. At the last minute we decided to stay in town and shop local for all of her outfits. Just to prove Leitchfield has a lot to offer! We started with Ann at Madison Square Boutique and found a dress, a couple of shirts and jewelry. We headed next to Cato’s and loaded up on big jewelry, and then onto Factory Connection for some fabulous high heels in various colors.

We used a local photographer, who rocks! AND, my manager, who has a Masters in Art took time out of his busy schedule to personalize an 8 foot piece of cardboard with Madi’s name on it. What is unknown to most people is the A in Madi is painted like the Eiffel Tower because she is headed to Paris on her Senior Trip - a trip she has paid for by herself. The Eiffle Tower "A" was Gene’s idea, and for that, we thank you!


I knew I wanted a photo of her reading a book - this kid loves to read! There were two books I wanted to add to this picture. The Great Gatsby because this is the reason her and her boyfriend became friends. They began to chat about the movie and he bought her the book - the one she’s holding in the picture. The book laying at her feet is her Bible that Dad and I bought her when she was 11. I happened upon Dad one night measuring and cutting tape to repair the spine that had pulled apart over the years. This child loves the Word of God and has read through multiple times. Dad took the Bible and laid on her nightstand so she could find it repaired. It was a must for one of her pictures. Brianna suggested the library and the ideas married together to produce this unique shot that captures not only her outside beauty, but the beauty of her character.
Wordy Sweater from Madison Square Boutique


These pics were hard to look at for him. He didn’t comment on them or share them on his facebook for days. I thought we had done something wrong so I pressed for information. He confessed.

You see, he is obsessed with my senior pictures. He even has one as his timeline photo on facebook. That was the time in my life he met me and we began to date.

He realized in these pictures, he said, that she looks a lot like me in my senior pictures, and he had a moment of realization that she’s about grown-up.

Madi typically does not look like she does in these pics - a glamorous, confident teenage girl. She’s always been a wall flower - beautiful but quiet, meek, bookworm, who observes people and just glides through life not bringing attention to herself. These pics are very different than that shy, quiet girl. Emotionally, they were hard for him to look at.


Part of my prayer for years for this child was this line: “God, raise up a boy who will first be her friend.” The Boyfriends reaction to seeing her senior pictures opened the eyes of my heart to see that his interest in her at first was her character. He said excitedly, “MADI! You’re so pretty!” Like he knew it but at the same time, didn’t.

Pictures are worth a thousand words, right?

High Heels from Factory Connection - Turquoise Necklace from Cato

Chevron Top and Yellow Jewelry from Madison Square Boutique (find on facebook)

Gray Tee-Shirt and Purple Jewelry from Cato

Awesome photos by b. clemons photography (find on facebook)

Red High Heels from Factory Connection and Red/Gold Jewelry from Cato