Tuesday, September 10, 2013

I Don't Know What to Say

I'm so overwhelmed as I sit here looking back at my path over the last several weeks.

I loved the morning show "In The Know" that was part of my job at K105. I always felt it was a platform that was given to me from God, a platform to speak the peace and love of Christ, given the opportunity.

So it was with great confusion that I left my job at the radio station and set out to work as the Internet Sales Manager at Dan Powers GM Center. I still couldn't shake the feeling that maybe I forfeited my platform.

The county fair came along and with the new job I was obligated to spend a few nights at the car lots booth, meeting people and talking car sales. I got the chance to hang out with co-workers, my manager and his wife for a few nights.

Saturday morning my manager called me to his office to talk to me. He started by asking me how much I missed writing the news, in which I quickly said, "I don't!" He went on to ask me how much I missed being on the morning show -- to which I quickly said, "A LOT."

He went on to explain how he and his wife discussed how big of a personality I had and how he was afraid I may wither in my office if I didn't have an outlet.

This is where it gets cool...

HE asked ME if I wanted to spend an hour each morning co-hosting "In The Know" and said he was willing to give me up for that hour so I could do something I loved so much.

Shut the front door! Did he just offer me that?

I quickly talked with my cohorts of the morning show and I start back tomorrow.

How awesome is that? I get to work two jobs at the same time, make more money than I thought when I switched careers, and God gave me my platform back. How do I know God did this...?

Unbeknowest to me until recently, two weeks ago my pastor prophesied that I was going back to the morning show...

True story.

I am blessed and highly favored! And the good news is, so are you according to scripture.

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  1. Great NEWS. As a faithful member of your listening audience I am sooooooooooooo happy. God opens one door and opens another window for you. Well deserved. THANKS for coming to back to the air.