Tuesday, September 10, 2013

I Don't Know What to Say

I'm so overwhelmed as I sit here looking back at my path over the last several weeks.

I loved the morning show "In The Know" that was part of my job at K105. I always felt it was a platform that was given to me from God, a platform to speak the peace and love of Christ, given the opportunity.

So it was with great confusion that I left my job at the radio station and set out to work as the Internet Sales Manager at Dan Powers GM Center. I still couldn't shake the feeling that maybe I forfeited my platform.

The county fair came along and with the new job I was obligated to spend a few nights at the car lots booth, meeting people and talking car sales. I got the chance to hang out with co-workers, my manager and his wife for a few nights.

Saturday morning my manager called me to his office to talk to me. He started by asking me how much I missed writing the news, in which I quickly said, "I don't!" He went on to ask me how much I missed being on the morning show -- to which I quickly said, "A LOT."

He went on to explain how he and his wife discussed how big of a personality I had and how he was afraid I may wither in my office if I didn't have an outlet.

This is where it gets cool...

HE asked ME if I wanted to spend an hour each morning co-hosting "In The Know" and said he was willing to give me up for that hour so I could do something I loved so much.

Shut the front door! Did he just offer me that?

I quickly talked with my cohorts of the morning show and I start back tomorrow.

How awesome is that? I get to work two jobs at the same time, make more money than I thought when I switched careers, and God gave me my platform back. How do I know God did this...?

Unbeknowest to me until recently, two weeks ago my pastor prophesied that I was going back to the morning show...

True story.

I am blessed and highly favored! And the good news is, so are you according to scripture.

Monday, September 9, 2013

The Boyfriend

I failed God. I failed him, my child and someone else's child.

I learned several months ago my daughter had a "boy" that was just a little more than a friend and of course my first action was to creep his twitter and facebook - because that's normal.

I was not thrilled with my findings - not that he was horrible but this was MY baby girl and anything less than a nerdy, Jesus-loving, hermit wouldn't satisfy me.

At this point in her life, just weeks before her 17th birthday, she had not been on any dates, or even really had any "love" interest.

A Momma's Preparation

You see, I have prayed for this child's future mate. I have prayed that God would raise up a Godly man for her; a man to be her best friend first and love of her life later. I have fasted and prayed for this for all of my children. I believe it's our responsibility as parents to pray for such things for our children. We should pray that God intervene in their lives, guide their footsteps and protect them at all times.

So it was a shock that there was a boy who wasn't Jesus on the radar. Stay with me before you judge me...I'm just a momma after all.

Her Witness

I have taught my children that their personal witness of Christ was the most important thing that they could show their peers. Not to beat people over the head with Bibles or scream judgment over them, but to be Jesus through their actions. Be kind, be gentle, be loving, be bold about their faith and love for Christ, and be prepared to share the Gospel if anyone was ever curious as to who Jesus is - prepare themselves with the "whole armor of God," as scripture says.

This young lady did just that, I later learned. This is of most importance in this story. I learned she was bold about her love for church, and how she had read through her Bible multiple times, and how she was able to answer questions about God as they arose in conversation. Her invitation to church was profound.

God Worked it Out

Last Wednesday I sat in a service where the preacher said, "Are you finishing your prayers?" I knew exactly what I was suppose to do.

You see, I have written in my prayer journal all summer that God remove this young man from my daughter's life. I didn't believe he was the "best friend" I had been praying for. I knew that I had been praying my flesh and not God's will; the Bible says that it's God's will for all to be saved.

I began to write in my journal that God draw this young man to him, convict him, save him...

The next Wednesday night, the "boyfriend" went to church with us, at the girl's invitation. My pastor announced that he was not closing service but would be there the next night to have church again if anybody wanted to return. I have never seen him do this in the three years I have been at this church.

When I got home after church and walked upstairs, the boyfriend said, "thank you so much for taking me to church tonight, I really liked it." I got the chance to tell him my story and some of my daughter's story of salvation. He asked if he could go back with me Thursday, even though the girl had to work and couldn't be there.

So the next night me and the boyfriend headed to church.

By the end of the service this young man had asked me to pray with him and he found his salvation that evening, our Youth Pastor also prayed with him and led him to Christ. He was so excited, he told the pastor, "I feel brand new!" I told him he was quoting scripture and he didn't even know it.

A man gave him a Bible and asked him how old he was. He said, "I'm 18, I turned 18 on June 27."

I asked him if he said 27, he said yes, that's my birthday.

Behind The Scenes

We had church again Friday night and again, he and I went without the girl. He raised his hands and worshiped, he prayed with others, and he never quit smiling.

After service I apologized for not praying God's will in the beginning, and I pulled the curtain back for him so he would never doubt God had orchestrated a huge production for him to receive his day of salvation.

What he didn't know was how God had changed my prayer just one week prior.

He didn't know that we NEVER have church on a Thursday out of the blue.

He didn't know that Thursday morning the Youth Pastor walked into my workplace to pick up parts and I took him in my office and told him how the boyfriend was coming back to church with me Thursday, and the Youth Pastor said, "I wasn't going to come tonight, I had work to do on my house, but now I am going to be there."

He didn't know that God gave me a number and uses it to confirm things for me in certain situations, and how that number 27 will come up in ways that I cannot create. The boyfriend spoke that number 27, confirming to me that all this was real and he had really been renewed, recreated, and redeemed.

I don't know if this is the boy I have been praying and fasting for BUT what I do know, now, is that anytime a person is placed in our lives it is our opportunity to be a witness, be an intercessor for them, and lead them to the rock, the chief cornerstone, the way, the truth, and the life. We can make a difference, one person at a time.

I really like this kid - he's just like my daughter and now that he has gained his relationship with Christ, he is able to see this world with new eyes, understand God's ways - which are higher than ours.

God is good, all the time...