Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Oh How Embarrassing

“Are you ready to punch me in the face?” – Me questioning the husband

At this point in the evening NOT ONE WORD had been spoken between us since I had entered his game room with my bowl of cereal.

I posed the above question and he quickly said, “No, but my cousin Kevin would have already taken your spoon and thrown it away.”

I busted out laughing because he knew WHY I was asking him this question. Which means my spoon hitting the glass bowl was noticeable but he wasn’t going to say a word…he was just going to allow me to crunch my Special K and clang my spoon against the bowl because he knew it was soon to end, and it wasn’t worth the argument…and he loves me enough.

Pick your battles couples. My husband has taught me so many lessons without ever saying a word over the past 17 years. He is the most patient man I know…even when inside he’s dying to use my cereal bowl as a Frisbee.

For all of you readers who do not know us…we do not, nor have we ever hit each other.

I spent the weekend in Nashville with some lovely ladies that God has placed into my life.

I look back and see the most awesome picture God has painted with my life and I certainly see the “beauty for ashes” he promised me.

These women are good to me, good for me, and always join in a circle and hold hands and pray with me before we end our outings.

When women walk with the Lord it’s amazing the change in atmosphere that it in itself creates versus when women who are not walking with God create. I have lived both lives; I would not trade this walk and peace for anything. I heard in a sermon yesterday morning a line that perfectly sums this up, “It’s either Chaos or Christ. There is no in between.”

So true…so true.

When we apply God’s commands to our lives it's good for all of us. I grew up thinking God was applying all these rules to my life to control me, but as I walk in His ways, I realize it’s good for me to follow his commandments. It’s good for me not to kill you – that’s good for you, too; not to steal, lie, cheat on my husband or he on me, set idols up in my life, honor my parents, etc. It’s good for them/you, also if I don’t do these things. Just think, if the entire world lived every moment honoring God’s commandments how much better this world would be.

As I was ending my empowering weekend with my new friends, I woke up to a barrage of text from them to each other stating affirmations of love, joy, and respect for each other. I received a private message from one of the ladies that said the nicest thing anyone who I respect has ever said to me. “You are an amazing testimony to me every time we are together and I always walk away thinking, I want more of who she is in my life.”

I was taken aback by such a text; honored was an understatement! To have such a respectable woman say such a great thing to me brought heat to my face and tears welled in my eyes. I immediately typed “I love you for that. Thank you SO MUCH!”

My phone however decided to prepare its own message for my new friend. Through its autocorrect abilities it said, “I love you for that. Thank you DO DOUCH!”

Changing my name and moving to another country in 3…2…1…

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