Thursday, July 4, 2013

Midlife Crisis

It’s beginning to consume all of my fun. I’m tired of it and it’s totally out of my hands; Mother Nature’s midlife crisis is ruining my summer.

It ran us off of the beach the first day we got there.

It down-poured all morning our last day at the beach, so we decided to gussy-up and take photos at the beach IF there was a break in the storm; and there was. Might I say the hurricane force winds were just the added touch we were looking for.

The entire week wasn’t a wash; we had a couple good days at the beach.

My niece and nephew, who is 6 & 7, giggled every time the husband and I kissed. They would run up to us and chant, “KISS, KISS, KISS, KISS!” As we would peck each other on the lips or cheek, they would erupt in laughter.

With little fingers wrapped around the back of the couch and her chin resting between her hands, the niece said, “When are you going to get married again?”

I questioned why we would get married again since we’ve been married for 17 years; she said, “Cause you love him so bad.”

Other memorable vacation moments include walking right upon a dead rattle snake in the street beside our beach home.

My nephew reading the Pedestrian & Bicycles Only sign and saying, “I’m not a Pedestrian; I’m American!”

We did end up coming home a day early. During our travels, the rain and wind through Alabama was determined to hinder us. A tree fell on the vehicle in front of us. They were unharmed and we were able to dodge it via the side of the roadway.

In other Thomas family business:

Here it is Independence Day – the 4th of July – and it’s cold and rainy.

I took some boys to see Despicable Me 2 this afternoon and now we’re home waiting on Vegetable Soup and Cornbread to cook, while donning my fuzzy socks.

The eldest girl is home today after spending this week at Mission X Revival Camp in Nashville, TN.

The boy got a pink cast in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness. The doc said his bone was perfectly straight and the plate already grown back together.

Photos found on my camera when I got home:

Well America, there it is...Sexy is back and it's all mine!

Well, at least he's still checking me out after 17 years...

It was so good of Sir Elton John to show up for our photos...

My husband was missing when couples pictures were taken...

I reproduced with this man and made these three...

In first world problems:
Somebody tell Mother Nature it’s time to have a HOT FLASH!!!


  1. I'm dying laughing at the picture captions. You are a hoot!