Friday, June 21, 2013

Prayerology: The Story of The Boy

“No, that’s not all he said” – MY mother.

She’s referring to the consultation my husband took the boy to this morning for the broken wrist he suffered yesterday during a dirt bike collision.

“Dr. Oh looked at the X-Rays again this morning and decided the growth plate was broken and he cannot leave town for four days.” – Dad

This is not good news because we were scheduled to leave for our Florida vacation this afternoon.

“He also said there may be another surgery in his future.” – Dad

This is not good news because the boy plays basketball and loves this year’s team and practices so far; the season hasn’t even began.

“No, that’s not all he said” – back to MY mother.

“He said this is serious and he cannot move for four days, his growth plate is damaged and it could keep his arm from growing. Dr. Oh is cancelling his own vacation to observe the boy this week and make for sure no further damage occurs. He is going to go into surgery this afternoon and do his best to repair it but the X-Ray looks bad and he is REALLY concerned. He has to keep his arm elevated and keep the blood flowing in his arm and stay still.” – MY mother.

My husband tends to protect me at all times and minimize my fear.

I have the boy with me at this point in my day and I know exactly where to go. The pool of Bethesda – AKA church!

I took the boy into the office area of my church and found the youth pastor, his fiancé, and a church member. We prayed over the boy and claimed healing scripture for him.

We headed to Wal-Mart and bought two Fast and Furious movies (not sure why this matters to you or why I am typing it out), and then we checked into the surgery center.

We had exceptional service at the surgery center and after 25 minutes Dr. Oh emerged to say this, “There was no swelling at all, it looked much better than I saw this morning, the break was clean and I just put three small needled sized pins in it to stabilize it. As long as his pain is tolerable and he can move his fingers, he can travel in 24 hours or so.”
My God is Good, all the time, and he is faithful to hear our prayers. He sings over us, says the scriptures. I could feel this today. I could truly feel the prayers of all the saints who were faithful to pray for us today.

Not only did those at church lay hands on the boy and pray, but my facebook family overwhelmed me with their love. I say, Thank You!!!

I talked to the boy’s basketball coach this afternoon and told this story. He proceeded to tell me how the older boys on the team, who were finished with their practice, gathered in a circle at half court and were led in prayer by some of the coaches and high school kids who help out. What an awesome thing to get to tell them Monday that those prayers were answered.

When the dirt bike was bought I mouthed something like, “You’re going to break your arm on that thing.”

When people ask why I am such a Jesus freak I tell them some of the stories of my personal healings and how God is real.

On these two thoughts, One Parting Shot: “I told you so!” - Me

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