Sunday, June 30, 2013

Memory Making Machine

That there’s an RV, Clark!
Priceless line from Christmas Vacation that’s been heard its fair share around the Thomas household - we love this movie.

We became the proud owners of half of an RV this summer…the other half belongs to my husband’s friend.

Perched on barstools one weeknight pondering the upcoming football season, these two brainiacs found an RV for around $1750 and decided this hunk-o-junk was their next playground.

Unfortunately, that piece of history was sold before they could get their hands on the 1970’s something model.

That didn’t damper their future tailgating season, they were on the hunt. With the seed planted and every event already lived out in their mind, they sealed the deal on a 1988 RV decked out in a rather gag-worthy country blue and mauve motif.

The husband came driving into the friends driveway with this beauty while the sounds of Sandford and Son had to have surly been playing in the background.

A couple grand each, a barrel full of elbow grease, and a few pink flamingos in tow, the boys set sail on their maiden voyage to a nearby lake. These two took three of their four sons on a three night excursion.

Smores were made, fish were caught, and us girls even visited for the better part of Saturday.
For Father’s Day we ensured the dad’s had everything they needed for RV camping in style:

Pink Flamingos
UK blue outdoor carpet
Retro RV outdoor lights
Seatbelt style lawn chair
Red, white and blue solar lights
A month’s worth of Spam
A hula girl for the dashboard
The only items I could not secure for these two were matching captain’s hats and Dickies jumpsuits that I wanted to have monogrammed with their names - would have made my summer…

I have to admit, the old 1988 cleaned up real nice, and the little boys are none-the-wiser to the luxuries that more modern RV’s are equipped with. They were just thrilled to spend great quality time with their dads. And these dad’s are applauded by this FRUGEL mom for their skills, thrills and small bills they invested in this memory making machine.


  1. Great dads, family camping is one of the greatest things we can do with our kids. Its actually real family time with no rush to get here or do that. Kudos to Jason.

  2. You are so right, so many memories will be made
    We want an RV so bad. It's on my bucket list of things to own :)

  3. I had never wanted to own one BUT we got it and I'm glad. These boys are loving it!!!