Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Momma Problems 1 - 7

Momma problem 1 (False report): Boy #2 reported Boy #1 missing for an hour. I send him out to search! Hurry, hurry, hurry!!!

Momma problem 2 (Ain’t nobody got time for losing kids): I grab my shoes and head outside after I text dad, I see boy #2 playing with neighbor boy instead of searching.

Momma problem 3 (A.D.D. Kids): Did you find him already? “No,” he replied, “So I just started talking to Henry.”

Momma problem 4 (No bug spray used): I send him to look deeper in the woods, near the creek.

Momma problem 5 (Creeping my neighborhood): I drive the neighborhood and immediately find him, within eyeshot of Henry’s house, might I add, so I turn around to go and tell boy #2.

Momma problem 6 (Failed to put leash on kid): I realize now I am on my street, parked, honking my horn at the woods waiting for boy #2 to emerge. Most of my neighbors are out mowing, running and playing with their kids, and I’m all-over-here parked in the middle of the roadway, where there are no houses, just honking my horn, at what appears to be nobody.

Momma problem 7 (Not Paying Attention): I lost boy #2 sending him to look for boy #1 who was never lost.

I’m not sure why I am sane.

In other Thomas family business:

The Middle Girl got her spacers between her teeth today, and next Tuesday she gets braces, and I get to write a fat check. Here’s to straight teeth!

The “In The Know” crew celebrated our 500th show on-air today with cake, delicious catered food from a new restaurant about to open in town, and face painting. To name a few activities…

The Eldest Girl is at her National Honor Society bonfire tonight. I recently decided to use my Twitter account I setup a while back. I did get in trouble for following her friends, apparently that’s bad…so, being a good mom, I looked for more friends to follow and called it part of my job for the radio station.

As I was about to end my blog, the husband brings me a bowl of soup and cornbread he made for dinner. What a little charmer, this husband of mine. I burned my tongue, sorry if I sound weird for the rest of this blog.

I worked my day away yesterday but I did get to see the Middle Girl play a ballgame, finally. I have missed most since I have meetings on game nights. I also got to see my great niece Peyton and meet one of my childhood best friend’s first grandchild, Peyton.

Boy #2, who is lost, got a haircut today, finally. At least he looks nice while he’s lost…

Actually, he came back home about 10 minutes later, scratching his head and saying, “I still can’t find him.” As I am glaring at him, I can see Boy #1 through the window.

We’re just letting Boy #2 continue to look…

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