Monday, May 20, 2013

I Have a Twin

I’m not so sure she likes it, but it’s been declared that my eldest daughter is my twin.

This revelation made its declaration after she, for the first time, had her hair and makeup professionally applied for Prom.

She’s always been a simple girl who likes just enough makeup that you can see her eye lashes but not so much her teenage skin.

Prom is that magical night where girls get to slip into an experience where they are transformed into the Cinderella image of themselves, but most of the girls I see don’t really look THAT transformed. They look like themselves; just in a really fancy dress…this is due to most of these girls wearing heavy makeup on a daily basis.

I’m one of those girls…dab it on thick in the morning – I don’t want to see this again until bedtime…

When Louren, the hairdresser, spun her around she gasped a bit, I knew it was more makeup then she really wanted but I think she also was pleasantly surprised at how pretty it was on her.

We rushed home to slip her into her white short dress with a big black bow on the side. She loves bows and loved this dress at first sight.

We couldn’t find the black jewelry I had purchased weeks before, but luckily, I had purchased an alternate pair of earrings the night before while shopping with dad, who just rode along on the shopping trip for the dinner at Texas Roadhouse.

To prove my above point, I also purchased her a little black satin purse and told her it was for her lipstick. She said, “Lipstick? Ugghhhh.”

What happened was interesting to me. I placed my proud photos of her on facebook and was overwhelmed with how many people are realizing how much she looks like me. I have always thought so, and at times she makes family decisions and disciplines the youngins’ because her dad mistakes her for me as he is passing through the house yelling for her to “figure that out.” (Thinking he is yelling for me to do it)

I guess with the entire makeup her features, which are my features, were highlighted.

She’s a much prettier version of me, she has her daddy’s round face.

In the end we won a trophy for this twin status.

At the DECA Banquet our Advisor, Ms. Smith, gave out some amusing awards, such as Most Pairs of Shoes Packed to California, Very Vera Award (the most pieces of Vera Bradly carried by a student to California), and several others.

The kid and I won the “Dynamic Duo Award” for looking so much alike.

I’ll take it!

In other Thomas Family Business:

The school year has ended and the summer sports are in full swing. The middle girl got flipped at home plate as she and the catcher were trying to occupy the same space at the same time. The catcher, who was half the middle girl’s height, hit her just about the knee caps, flipping the kid over her. Just a few scratches are left to heal. Luckily short stuff was spared…

The red-headed step kid and the middle girl graduated 8th grade! I have two freshmen…prayers NOW!!! Luckily the eldest girl will be a Senior this year…she’s already used to making parenting decision by default…this look alike thing may work out well! Now, if I can just get her to wear my clothes to school and taunt these two…

Bahahahah…(my evil laugh)


  1. Oh wow, you two definitely look alike. Both beautiful ladies! I love her dress, very pretty.

    Anika graduates 8th grade on Friday- I can't believe she is going to be a Freshman. Makes my head hurt just thinking about it. My 2 year old also starts Preschool in August. I feel like I've got one finishing up and two just starting.

    1. I was worried when this one went to high school, but I'm terrified about the next two going! Lol. Thanks for the compliments!