Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Momma Problems 1 - 7

Momma problem 1 (False report): Boy #2 reported Boy #1 missing for an hour. I send him out to search! Hurry, hurry, hurry!!!

Momma problem 2 (Ain’t nobody got time for losing kids): I grab my shoes and head outside after I text dad, I see boy #2 playing with neighbor boy instead of searching.

Momma problem 3 (A.D.D. Kids): Did you find him already? “No,” he replied, “So I just started talking to Henry.”

Momma problem 4 (No bug spray used): I send him to look deeper in the woods, near the creek.

Momma problem 5 (Creeping my neighborhood): I drive the neighborhood and immediately find him, within eyeshot of Henry’s house, might I add, so I turn around to go and tell boy #2.

Momma problem 6 (Failed to put leash on kid): I realize now I am on my street, parked, honking my horn at the woods waiting for boy #2 to emerge. Most of my neighbors are out mowing, running and playing with their kids, and I’m all-over-here parked in the middle of the roadway, where there are no houses, just honking my horn, at what appears to be nobody.

Momma problem 7 (Not Paying Attention): I lost boy #2 sending him to look for boy #1 who was never lost.

I’m not sure why I am sane.

In other Thomas family business:

The Middle Girl got her spacers between her teeth today, and next Tuesday she gets braces, and I get to write a fat check. Here’s to straight teeth!

The “In The Know” crew celebrated our 500th show on-air today with cake, delicious catered food from a new restaurant about to open in town, and face painting. To name a few activities…

The Eldest Girl is at her National Honor Society bonfire tonight. I recently decided to use my Twitter account I setup a while back. I did get in trouble for following her friends, apparently that’s bad…so, being a good mom, I looked for more friends to follow and called it part of my job for the radio station.

As I was about to end my blog, the husband brings me a bowl of soup and cornbread he made for dinner. What a little charmer, this husband of mine. I burned my tongue, sorry if I sound weird for the rest of this blog.

I worked my day away yesterday but I did get to see the Middle Girl play a ballgame, finally. I have missed most since I have meetings on game nights. I also got to see my great niece Peyton and meet one of my childhood best friend’s first grandchild, Peyton.

Boy #2, who is lost, got a haircut today, finally. At least he looks nice while he’s lost…

Actually, he came back home about 10 minutes later, scratching his head and saying, “I still can’t find him.” As I am glaring at him, I can see Boy #1 through the window.

We’re just letting Boy #2 continue to look…

Monday, May 20, 2013

I Have a Twin

I’m not so sure she likes it, but it’s been declared that my eldest daughter is my twin.

This revelation made its declaration after she, for the first time, had her hair and makeup professionally applied for Prom.

She’s always been a simple girl who likes just enough makeup that you can see her eye lashes but not so much her teenage skin.

Prom is that magical night where girls get to slip into an experience where they are transformed into the Cinderella image of themselves, but most of the girls I see don’t really look THAT transformed. They look like themselves; just in a really fancy dress…this is due to most of these girls wearing heavy makeup on a daily basis.

I’m one of those girls…dab it on thick in the morning – I don’t want to see this again until bedtime…

When Louren, the hairdresser, spun her around she gasped a bit, I knew it was more makeup then she really wanted but I think she also was pleasantly surprised at how pretty it was on her.

We rushed home to slip her into her white short dress with a big black bow on the side. She loves bows and loved this dress at first sight.

We couldn’t find the black jewelry I had purchased weeks before, but luckily, I had purchased an alternate pair of earrings the night before while shopping with dad, who just rode along on the shopping trip for the dinner at Texas Roadhouse.

To prove my above point, I also purchased her a little black satin purse and told her it was for her lipstick. She said, “Lipstick? Ugghhhh.”

What happened was interesting to me. I placed my proud photos of her on facebook and was overwhelmed with how many people are realizing how much she looks like me. I have always thought so, and at times she makes family decisions and disciplines the youngins’ because her dad mistakes her for me as he is passing through the house yelling for her to “figure that out.” (Thinking he is yelling for me to do it)

I guess with the entire makeup her features, which are my features, were highlighted.

She’s a much prettier version of me, she has her daddy’s round face.

In the end we won a trophy for this twin status.

At the DECA Banquet our Advisor, Ms. Smith, gave out some amusing awards, such as Most Pairs of Shoes Packed to California, Very Vera Award (the most pieces of Vera Bradly carried by a student to California), and several others.

The kid and I won the “Dynamic Duo Award” for looking so much alike.

I’ll take it!

In other Thomas Family Business:

The school year has ended and the summer sports are in full swing. The middle girl got flipped at home plate as she and the catcher were trying to occupy the same space at the same time. The catcher, who was half the middle girl’s height, hit her just about the knee caps, flipping the kid over her. Just a few scratches are left to heal. Luckily short stuff was spared…

The red-headed step kid and the middle girl graduated 8th grade! I have two freshmen…prayers NOW!!! Luckily the eldest girl will be a Senior this year…she’s already used to making parenting decision by default…this look alike thing may work out well! Now, if I can just get her to wear my clothes to school and taunt these two…

Bahahahah…(my evil laugh)

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Heal My Broken Heart and Bruised Legs

“That was great, momma,” said the sweetest little round face as she was hugged around her mommas neck.

The little, three-year-old, pig tailed girl was talking about the Disney on Ice show I got the chance to take her, her momma (my sister) and her older sister to. It was the oldest sisters 7th birthday.

We headed to Lexington to see the Princess edition of Disney on Ice and on our way we passed the famous castle in Versailles, KY. The girls were amazed when they laid eyes upon it. “I want to see the carriage,” said the 7-year-old.

I miss my girls being this little. Apparently after watching the Rapunzel part of the show, the 3-year-old thought my middle girl’s hair was to swing from.

We didn’t purchase gifts on-site; we went to the Disney store in the local mall where the same dolls were $12 instead of $30 at the show. The birthday girl got two dolls; her mom was donning her superhero cape after that purchase!

We had a quick dinner at TGI Fridays before heading home. I looked up to notice my “27.” I’ve decided to take a picture of how many times I see 27 on various things throughout the day…it really is amazing how many times God reminds me he is with me. If you don’t understand this paragraph, find the blog entitled, “Why He Gave Me a 27.”

Less than 48 hours later I found myself in the Nashville airport ready to head to California with the DECA troop for National competition with the eldest girl.

We flew American Airlines this time and we were all assigned seats. Ms. Smith, our advisor, and I were walking to the terminal when she asked me what seat number I had. I hadn’t looked yet so I pulled out the ticket and said, “Would you believe me if I told you 27?”

I knew God was going with me to Cali…

We got to experience a lot of California in fast forward. A few hours on a bus zipping past South Compton, Rodeo Drive, Sunset Blvd., and Beverly Hills, and we had a few hours at Disneyland and Universal Studios while we were there. It was a great week with lots of memories. The kids did really well and we had two on stage – that’s a big deal when you are competing with 16,000 kids!

Yes, I really took the above pic with my iPhone.

Rodeo Drive

The eldest girl and her partner received a Certificate of Excellence for scoring 70% or higher; this is hard to accomplish at this level.

Proud of this kid!

In other Thomas Family Business:

Apparently, the boy is working to have himself removed from our home. If anyone sees his legs they will turn us into CPS. He claims he has no idea why his legs look like this.

I refer you to the below pics I found on his iPod…

We found this birds nest in our grill:

Apparently, Pterodactyls are not extinct.

I finished the 90 Day Body Revolution with Jillian Micheals. I laid down in the gym floor and was convinced for about 10 minutes that I may never get up. I would recommend this to anybody who really wants to put forth the commitment. If you aren’t willing to work hard, walk away – even if it is only 30 minutes a day, it’s a Hard 30 minutes once you get into week 3. The first two weeks are just hard with a lower case h. Yes I am happy with the results and I have restarted the program. This time I hope to get through all of the workouts with Jillian instead of just watching her and screaming at the laptop screen.

We hosted a Derby party at our house this year. The amount of food was a sin I’m sure in some part of this world, and the company was great!

No pics were allowed from the waist down since I had on my pj's and house shoes...true story! I'm A.D.D., remember. I don't finish many things...even outfits.

I wore this hat on the show Friday, I found this pic of the boy on my iPhone today. I feel like one of those articles in a magazine, "Who Wore it Better?"

Just when I thought my marriage was getting stale, the husband fashioned this as his Derby hat...

Actually, he found this in a board game we broke out to play. Never-the-less, the spark is back!!!

I picked a great horse – a for sure winner. I loved its name. I knew when I heard it that I was going to score BIG with this stud! Black Onyx! My favorite color is black – of course this was my horse, my heart was drawn to it. Not 30 minutes after we recorded a promo of me declaring Black Onyx as the bestest horse to ever run the Derby, he scratched! That promo recorded on Friday ran on the radio all weekend long. What’s that Bible verse that talks about your heart deceiving you??

It’s ok, Mamaw made chicken and dumplings Sunday after church. Chicken and dumplings heal broken hearts and bruised legs. Me and the boy are going to be just fine…