Monday, April 8, 2013

Prayer = Dirt Bike

I’m torn on this new adventure of the boys…

He talked to his dad about it but was not happy with the brush-off he received.

Persistent is an understatement on his behalf; worried is a word that fails dad and I as we think of it.

But he did his homework and now I’m hoping he is ready to do the real work involved.

A dirt bike…that’s all he has talked about for weeks…a dirt bike.

You know, the motorcycle kind of bike…no not that one…the one that has a motor and goes REALLY fast and could potentially throw my baby off and hurt him…THAT ONE!

See my concern?

Dad initially told him he didn’t have anywhere to ride said motor-bike and/or store it. AND, the boy didn’t have the money to purchase this here bike and safety equipment.

After a week of pleading his case to various aunts with farm land and working out the details, he came to me with a plan…half cocked, BUT none-the-less a plan.

He was going to ride/store it on the aunt’s farm and he was going to work with dad every weekend cleaning to earn a pay check.

I had to give him credit; he worked out dad’s concern. And being a momma, I want to give my babies everything under the sun AND the sun.

On the way home last Sunday afternoon I taught him how to approach dad and have a man-to-man conversation; because I have obviously had a lot of these in my days and know how they work.

I told him to ask for dad’s time, write-out all of his plans to pay for the bike and riding/storage issues and find someone to teach him to ride.

AND last but not least, PRAY. Pray God guides him in his conversation, protects him while he rides and gives him the dedication to work until the bike is paid for.

He just glared at me but he heard me.

Not five minutes into being home, he came at me with red eyes and slumped shoulders.

“Did you ask him for time to talk about the bike?” – Mother

“No, I just asked him if $1,000 was a good deal for a dirt bike and he grumbled.” – Disobedient Son

“That’s not what I told you to do. Do it my way.” – Mother

I didn’t hear anymore about it for hours but when I sat down amongst the crowd of men/boys I heard them speaking about Logan teaching Eli to ride. I looked at him – who is all smiles – and said, “Did you do it my way? Did you ask for time to talk?”

“No, I prayed,” – Boy

Well, there you have it. I have a feeling though he didn’t pray what I told him to, it was probably more like, “Please let him buy me a dirt bike.”

The bike was bought the next day and by the next weekend he had found safety equipment of his friends and got the chance to try his hand at this dirt bike thing.

“It was like riding a bike for him…first time, he just took off.” – Dad Who Is Having a Ball

In other Thomas Family Spring Break Business:

We had our first ever Radio Ranch Yard Sale - the boy got up early Saturday and worked with me all day long. The girls worked hard the day before. $410 over two days; not bad.

That was the highlight of our spring break week. Wish I was a liar, the family business portion would have been a better read.

Carry on…

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