Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Our BFF's Are Growing Up

When I am unfaithful to my blog it gets me down mentally. I want to blog everyday but just don’t make the time and then the stories get lost, days blur, but one story stands out like a beacon of light in my “parenting” world.

My mother says parents have until their kids are 16 to mold and shape them into decent beings. Child therapists have told me that children are molded into who they will be – personality wise – by the age of 8 unless something tragic happens – like rape, divorce, abuse…

My 16-year-old was sitting at my dressing table while I curled her hair one morning last week. Through idle chit-chat I yelled out a random thought; her response is what wowed me.

Let me lay some groundwork:

This child’s best friend has been her BFF since they were in kindergarten in 2001. They have spent more than just nights together, but weeks, vacations, and grandparents/parents. We look at – let’s call her Cady for blog sake – like she’s one of our own and Cady’s parents/grandparents treat our daughter the same.
(Here my child is adoring Cady - I love this pic when they were five)

They’ve been through a lot together. Cady lost her dad when she was 6, moved away her freshman year and they’ve weaved themselves in and out of different friendship over the years but always held their bond.

Cady will be going on a mission trip soon and is raising money to go.

Back to task:

So a random thought ran through my brain and straight out-of-my mouth, “I need to give Cady money for her trip, don’t let me forget to do that if she comes in this weekend.”

“I’ve already given her $100 for us.” – 16-year-old.

My mouth agape I said, “Wow, kid, that’s amazing. I’m so proud of you and it speaks volumes about who you are.”

I’m just flooded with such thankfulness that she not only loves on a higher level, but that she is generous. And the fact that she didn’t boast about it on Twitter, Facebook or other media, not even to us in private overwhelms me.

But the best part for me is this: “For us.” She gave to Cady what is an enormous amount of money for a 16-year-old, her own hard earned money, and she did it to represent our family, not herself, her family.

“Thanks, Kid” doesn’t touch how I feel.

Momma always said, “You better teach them before their 16 because they’re in the world at that point, making adult decisions.”

Momma was right.

This momma is humbled by her child and this decision.

I am thankful for the influences in these two girl’s lives to make them at 16-years-old want to take on such life changing missions. Cady actually moving outside of her comfort zone to leave the country to help other – something that even I am scared to do – and this kid who wants to do what she can to help her dearest friend obtain her heart’s desire to help others.

Yet another promise fulfilled by God:

“Being confident of this very thing, that he which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ” - Philippians 1:6

(Cartoon from their 16th birthday party we had made for them)


  1. Thats beautiful Misty! You have done a wonderful job on those kids, you and Jason both!

    1. Thank you, Mandy...lets hope all their choices are this good! ;)