Thursday, April 18, 2013

Ding Dong Really LOUD

I told all four of the kids to make the dad a birthday card and leave on his desk for him. One of the four listened. Batting a thousand I tell you, my powers of persuasion rock, obviously!

This is the card left by the eldest girl:

I’m pretty sure she has a future with American Greetings…

My son has an obvious future in engineering. Probably gonna be hired by Ford Motor Co. or General Motors tomorrow…

This was a school challenge he had. Make a car out of household items.

This was a conversation between he and his father while sitting in a hunting blind, hunting turkeys’:

“How do the turkeys know when it’s roosting time?” – The Boy
“Instincts” – The Dad
“Oh, okay” – The Boy
“You know what instincts are?” – The Dad
“Yeah, it is what they know and have learned.” – The Boy
“NO, it’s when they don't wipe their butt good, their end stinks.” – The Brilliant Dad

It’s my fault really; I have pushed more father/son time.

Yes, I really bought 26 boxes of cereal this weekend. Sale + Coupons = Momma Stocking Up!!!

Now, when milk goes on sale the four teens can eat it.

In other Thomas’ Family Business:

I got unexpected Arby’s Sunday by my boss. Thank you Arby’s Claus!

I got unexpected Amish Cinnamon/Cranberry bread by my friend Beth! Thank you, Beth!

I got stood up on the show today. I’m in charge since the bosses are on vacation. I had an interview with the circus ringmaster. He didn’t call…it’s ok. I’m not even mad because it’s National High 5 Day! So, High 5 Ringmaster…to your face!

The boys found these while roaming in the woods. The husband thinks maybe they’re going to start a band with makeshift instruments?

The middle girl had two friends over this weekend and all she got while in the woods was poison ivy.

I walked in the Clear Choices 2nd Annual Walk-4-Life Saturday morning.

I planted flowers Saturday and bought one of those new flexible watering hoses. Love it!

I started Week 12 – the LAST week – of Jillian Michaels Body Revolution. Ever done a backbend? Ever done a pushup from that position? Me neither…not until this week, for 30 seconds. As a Christian woman I am forbidden to hate…please hate this on my behalf.

I remember having to buy post-it notes for the middle girl for school. I found this note on the eldest girls mirror. So glad she's using her post-it notes.

My next door mat: Door Bell Broken, Yell Ding Dong Really LOUD!

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