Friday, March 1, 2013

Too Short Bangs

Tear filled eyes came towards me as the eldest child walked into the gym to hand me my change from her haircut. “My bangs are way too short,” she cringed.

I stop here and say that I normally would not blog about such things. Items that may really upset or embarrass a child are off limits but I want to show you something, a promise fulfilled by God.

Sometimes I think we Christians are waiting for the big BANG miracles, no pun intended, or the raised-from-the-dead moments with God, and we miss him working in our everyday life.

The verse Romans 8:28 says, “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.”

It broke my heart to know that at 16 too short bangs can alter your world, your confidence, your entire day.

I rushed home after my workout and before my meeting to try my hand and fixing the bangs. All the way home I prayed the above scripture over the situation claiming this promise and asking for God to spontaneously grow her bangs overnight.

When I awoke the next morning, I expected to see a sheep dog in her spot on the bed. I just knew God was going to grow her bangs so long that it would look much like a scene out of the movie Tangled.

Not even a millimeter…


She asked me to scrunch her natural curls and we pushed her bangs back away from her face – which is great for her because she has a small forehead and this hair style works for her.

The next morning we added a curling wand to our regimen. Beach waves are all the rage in hair right now.

I was sitting and talking with my pastors wife at a volleyball game a few nights ago and I said to her that I felt like my children were growing up way too fast, and that I felt like my eldest child was already gone. She’s always at work, school or with friends and I rarely get to spend time with her.

What I realized was after multiple days of trading my makeup time to curl her hair she and I had been spending the sweetest time together each morning.

I got to be momma again and whisper some valuable information to her about being a role model to her younger sister. This morning my You Version Bible was reading the Gospel of John and she and I talked awhile about why Pilot wrote the plaque “King of the Jews” and had it hung on Jesus’ cross.

God answered my prayer…he made too short bangs a blessing and used them for good…he gave this momma her little girl back for a few sweet mornings.

Now I am contemplating if I should cut them while she’s asleep…my point to ponder for the day.

Yes, that is a picture of my make up bag in my car...I sit in parking lots now and apply my make up, but that's ok - I'll trade the time for her any day.

I forgot to add to my birthday blog one of the coolest posts I received on my birthday.

I was scrolling through all of my birthday wishes from my facebook friends when I came across my mommas. It said, “After 27 hours of hard labor, you were born. Happy Birthday!”

Now that’s crazy!

(I refer you to the blog “Why He Gave Me a “27” if you don’t understand)

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