Monday, March 25, 2013

Make Me Cardboard!

If only I had a cardboard cutout of myself. I do believe this will be MY million dollar idea…a cardboard cutout of yourself that you are obligated to give to your spouse on your wedding day.

If I had one of the Husband I would drag it everywhere with me…all the places he can’t go or would rather not. I would never have to miss another double date opportunity because he can’t/won’t go.

How handy she would be…and she would need bendable knees so she could sit in bleachers at the ballgames and stand during bake sales and other various events where I find myself needing a clone.

This weekend my cardboard cutout would have been so handy…my girls are on a roll and I thought I was going to find myself at a crossroads.

The DECA squad hosted a bake sale Saturday to raise money for nationals in April. So Friday night I threw on my apron and baked all night long. I ended up with 13 entries, packaged for the upcoming Easter holiday season. We raised $1000. Thank you, local citizens for supporting us!

The middle girl had a volleyball tournament all day in another county. These girls are on fire! They play again on Tuesday night for the championship game!

The eldest girl was going to present her project in another county for the National Day of History competition, but her partner had a doctor’s appointment. So, she got to actually watch baby sister – who towers over mom and dad now – smack down on this other team. Her volleyball ability has come out of nowhere!
This picture is from her 8th Grade Night. I obviously married a very tall man…the funny part is, we weren’t for sure where she got her height until we had the chance to visit with some family members over this past summer.

The husband’s cousins have two girls who play volleyball, too, and like the middle girl, they are super tall, beautiful girls who have been successful in this game.

To top off the weekend, the eldest girl was invited to participate in her school's chapter of the National Honors Society next year. We are very proud of her accomplishments.

This kid works hard at school and is putting in about 20 - 30 a week at her job. She’s truly becoming a unique young lady who is on a path of making her niche in this world.

I guess I will put cardboard cutout mom in the studio tomorrow morning while I take a nap…wonder if they’ll even notice…

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  1. Boy oh Boy do I know what you mean. I promise that if it weren't for my Mother, I'd never make it. With having two little ones and a teenager, I feel like there is NEVER enough of me to go around