Tuesday, March 26, 2013

I Pull My Old Blue Jeans On…Shh Shh

If you know me, you know I love Keith Urban. If you don’t know of this Keith Urban I speak of, the title of this blog is Urban inspired…

I have not received such input on a facebook post ever, that I can remember. 52 total recommendations about people’s favorite jeans.

I set out a few weekends ago to find the best jeans ever…I was tired of what I had been dealing with. Jeans that were falling off after a few hours, too tight in the thighs but too big in the waist, heavy material that creased in a weird place down the leg while being dried…these things were making me crazy. I typically owned GAP jeans, Banana Republic & New York & Co.

My favorite thing to wear is a great pair of jeans and a sweater.

The Friday night before my shopping adventure, my friend offered me a pair of basically new American Eagle jeans that she needed a smaller size in. I bought these for $10 and brought them home thinking I was one pair of great jeans into my quest for the perfect jeans.

Out of my 52 post, around 35 recommended American Eagle jeans.

I continued on Saturday stopping in Elizabethtown to buy another pair of these American Eagle jeans that came so highly recommended…and I liked the feel when I tried on my $10 pair Friday night.

Now I have two pairs of jeans to stock my closet, and I am onto Louisville to look for the best pair of jeans in the world. To pull the curtain back a bit, pun intended, the trying-on of these jeans in the dressing room was a bit frustrating. I went through about five different cuts, two sizes and lengths, and settled on a pair…hold that thought.

So I headed onto Ann Taylor Loft to see what I could find there.

I discovered that I am buying the wrong size jeans…first problem solved. These jeans are Modern Skinny and a smaller size then what I thought I would purchase.

See here, this is the size I thought I would be…saggy front.

I got the next size down assuming they would not slide over my thighs, but they fit perfectly. I learned that they should feel a bit tight at first because the majority of jeans/pants relax throughout the day.

So I checked out. They were $60 a pair BUT they had a 30% off everything this particular day so I paid a total of $42/pair. Not too bad…

I left there thrilled with my new find and discovery of fit. I strolled past Cache’ and saw prom dresses. I made a pit stop just in case they may have the perfect prom dress for my girl. Of course, true to nature I saw the Clearance sign and began to browse.

Then I heard Hannah approach me to ask if she could help me. I confessed I was looking for the perfect pair of jeans ever – for a girl my age! She swore she had them.

I found a pair that were marked down from $88 to $39 but they didn’t have my size so I tried the next size down…didn’t work. Bummer…

Hannah brought me this pair in my size and as soon as I pulled them on…I fell in love, Love, LOVE! They feel like cashmere…they’re trendy but they don’t leave my butt looking like I sat in a jewelry box after spraying glue on my pockets.

Sorry if you like that - that’s fine - I just think that I am a little too old to bedazzle my buttocks and think it's inappropriate for work, which is where I will be wearing these.

Not only did I fork over the $88 for these jeans but Hannah asked if I would like to buy the discount jeans, have the store find my size and ship them to me for free…

Well, Heck Yes!!!!

I love these jeans, they grow just a tad and they keep my butt covered when I sit down (that pleases everyone) BUT they don’t touch the bottom of my bra either. They are a cute color, stylish, trendy and no jewels encrusted on the cheeks. They are the best jeans I have ever owned!!! Both pairs, my discounted pair came in the mail about five days later.

After these purchases I decided to stop and return the American Eagle jeans I purchased first, leaving me with just my $10 pair I bought from my friend.

I have waited to write this blog until I could wear all of my new finds and wash them to see how they would compare.

All the jeans washed/dried really well!

But I HATE the American Eagle jeans. I was soooo mad by lunch time as I was holding onto the side to keep them up, AND even before they stretched out I couldn’t sit down, my crack fell out! I HATE that. I was told to buy a size down, I tried but I couldn’t get them buttoned without pinching skin…these are terrible. They have been given to my teenage daughter who is better shaped for a junior cut pair of jeans. At 37, American Eagle jeans don’t fit this body…

I did not get to try on Buckle jeans, which came highly recommended BUT I find the look of those for more of a “going out” jean, not so much work for me AND they are around $100-$120 pair. Not interested after finding Cache’ jeans.

Thanks Hannah for your help and teaching me how to fit my pants!!!

(The jeans I have on in this pic are from The Limited, I do really like these as well, paid $20 last fall during a clearance sale. The Limited has the best fitting dress pants, but like jeans, I have to buy a size down in those.)

Final tip: Just try on three sizes, your size, the size down and one up. You will know they are perfect when they are a bit snug at first.

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