Thursday, March 14, 2013

Guess What I Got

I got the most generous gift of my life today. My Aunt & Uncle and my mom and stepdad gifted my girl a generous cash donation for her DECA trip. The English language fails me when I attempt to express the joy in my heart for their investment into her lifetime experiences and education. I love that they are teaching her generosity, selflessness, and that families encourage each other.

I got an email from a man named Roy a few months ago complaining about the title of one of my stories. Brought to my attention was a mistake that I emailed him back to thank him for pointing out, I had not noticed. He was impressed that I responded…I stop here to say, why aren’t people responding and politely might I add? Roy emails me news story ideas occasionally and we engaged in a conversation about a book he thought I would enjoy reading. He purchased the book for me and had it mailed to the radio station; he asked me to pass it on when I was finished.

I got this book in the mail last week:

Britapedia said, “You have the neatest little life.” I kinda grinned and said, yeah, it is I guess, had never thought of it like that.

I got this “neat” little magazine in the mail a few days later:

It’s full of old age “fixers” like this product that is foundation for your legs. My God, tell me my legs are not going to get so ugly I have to paint foundation on them every morning, too.

I got a boy who took me literally and injured himself. After noticing the acne on his nose, I demanded he “scrub” his face with his Proactive. The next morning the bridge of his nose was so red I was worried he had injured him. By the next day it was a huge scab. After inquiring how he washed his face, he explained he rolled the wash rag up and pulled it back and forth across his nose until it hurt, “scrubbing” his face. Eieieie…

I got no sleep for five nights.

I got a husband who somehow would wake me up from a partial sleep, causing me to toss and turn all night.

I got Melatonin and Nyquil!

I got a puppy that learned to bark.

I got a husband who generously gets up and takes the puppy out to potty.

I got sleep last night!

I got peach cobbler! While on-air this morning we learned it was Pi day…as in the math term Pi. But we were much more interested in Pie…we began to talk about our favorite fried apple pies by Ms. Shirley, our favorite bus driver. By the end of the show, Ms. Shirley walked into the station with a peach cobbler she whipped up for us after hearing our conversation.

I got a lot of love for Ms. Shirley!

I got blurred vision on-air today. In the middle of our morning show my vision blurred…and didn’t stop. I got a sharp pain in the side of my head and it slowly moved to the base of my neck. I was convinced it was a blood clot or a stroke. I eventually lost my peripheral vision.

I got a mom that works for a neurologist. I infringed on his time immediately to have him diagnose my symptoms and he said, “That’s the onset of a Migraine.” I said, “I don’t have a headache.” “Not yet,” he replied.

I got meds…

I got to spend Sunday night in church with my dad, sister and her family.

I got happy!

I got a girl who placed 2nd in the Ky. State DECA Competition.

I got a lot of respect for this kids work.

I got a plane ticket to California to see her compete in the International DECA Competition.

I got hot rollers in the mail that do not work. (Baby Bliss – ick)

I got to take them to the post office tomorrow to return them.

I got to bring a piece of my teenage body into my middle age life with me. I was hoping my teenage body would hang around…Mother Nature allowed it. My acne will never leave the old me. So good to know.

I got a nasty house to clean.

I got four kids to help out. (yippy!)

I got to visit my former church family last night and so happy to see everyone. My friends shared their recent trip to the Holy Land and I tagged along so I could visit.

I got to work out with my friends every night this week as we attempted to power through this Jillian Michaels 90 Day Challenge.

I got to work out last night in front of two teenage boys practicing cheerleading moves in the same room with us. I’m sure this is how we looked to them, Jillian Michaels on the left, me on the right:

What I would like to get:

Rich quick.

Younger instead of older.

Buff without working out.

Skinny eating chocolate.

My kids through life without any injuries or hurt feelings.

What I don’t need to get is blessed…

For I already am and my cup runneth over each and every day and I am so thankful for all the things I get

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