Monday, March 25, 2013

Great Squared

In a world of seven girls, which means six sisters for me, we have experienced some unique things over the years…me having two babies in a 12 month span may have been one of those unique moments.

But not near as unique as what my sister Annie has experienced this month…

Annie is the first of us sisters to become a grandparent; she is the mother of two boys.

Both of these boys made Annie a granny this month.

So, Granny Annie got herself a baby girl on March 2nd and a baby boy on March 19th.

This dynamic duo of ooey, gooey, baby lushness has the family astir.

This newest addition, Mr. Kaymein, made me a Great Aunt x 2.

He looks so much like his daddy but I can see his momma’s pretty eyes from the side.

I cannot wait to see these two little peas-in-a-pod grow up and surely become the best of friends.

As with baby girl, I will offer this prayer written down for baby boy so that each time it is read, it is prayed for him.

Dear Gracious Heavenly Father,

I pray over baby Kaymein the strength of the Holy Spirit fill his body and lead him into a life of prosperity. Let Love abound in him all the days of his life, protection of his baby cousin as I’m sure they will look to each other when they find themselves away from their parents, I pray that Kaymein be the man you formed him to be. I pray that this first born son receive his birthright, as written in the Old Testament, a fathers blessing, a double portion. I pray health, a desire for your word, a prayer life like Daniel the prophet, a warrior for you like Joshua, and wisdom like Solomon. Bless this child you knew before he was formed in his mother’s womb…


  1. What an exciting time for your family

  2. Yes, Angie - It really is! We are truly blessed!