Friday, March 29, 2013

A Piece of My Childhood Burned

It paralyzed our community for months as ice fell and encrusted everything that was exposed to the outside, and knocked out 100% of electricity to our county. The Ice Storm of 2009 still haunts us as we see a totally different landscape after thousands of trees were toppled and destroyed by the heaviness of the ice.

Other than that, it’s beginning to become a distant memory, except for that Bible.

When I was a little girl I sat for many years in a non-denominational church, not understanding the preaching, but under the rule of a snappy finger that kept me from lying down in the pew and falling asleep. Many a Sunday I kept myself entertained with my daddy’s Bible. It had the most fascinating art inside its pages that depicted some of the great Bible stories.

I told him many years ago that all I wanted left to me in his Will was that Bible and a set of chocolate/vanilla ceramic ice cream cones that sat on our kitchen counter-tops for years and served as his filing cabinet/piggy bank.

In February 2009, in the midst of the Ice Storm, my daddy’s house burned to the ground. As the electric was being turned back-on, a spark from the electrical box in the garage caught fire. The house was a total loss.

Inside were daddy’s Bible and the ice cream cones.

My heart was broken.

Last Saturday my sister Buffy asked me to come over and help her decide on some decoration ideas for her bedroom. I always love to hang family items, hand-drawn art of the babies, or heirlooms. As she began to dig through her treasure chest she pulled out the most precious item…

My daddy’s Bible.

I was so excited to see that it was not in the house fire, but all-the-while, in Buffy’s treasure chest.

She also found a card from my Aunt Carmen, who we lost to cancer in the mid-80’s, which was addressed to my Grandfather Henry. The card was a true sign of the times as the front depicted a cigarette laying in an ashtray and the inside greeting ended with the word gay – used in its original meaning of happiness.

My how times have changed but one thing that has stayed the same…the word of God – it’s true and sharper than any two edged sword.

On this Good Friday, I challenge you to try God if you never have. Today, 2013 years ago he was crucified for us, on Resurrection Sunday he arose and overcame death, hell and the grave. Praise God for his spotless Lamb...

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