Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Dog-Gone Birthday

I am 37...I don't want to talk about it and I will not be happy about it for another 364 days...on day 365 I will be happy to talk about it...that's the day I start a blog that says:

I am 38...I don't want to talk about it and I want to return to 37...

but until then, I am 37...I will not say it again, nor will I talk about it.

I woke up this morning with my sports loving husband leaving his mark on my bathroom mirror.
I especially appreciate the promise in the corner...a promise to clean.

I was asked to kill time before coming to work this morning. My boss was working to create a surprise on-air birthday party for me. I love her effort but I had a sneaky suspicion what she was doing...that's why I hid from her at the supermarket where I was "killing time" and there she was shopping for birthday treats.

We celebrated on-air and I even got to kiss a dog. We have a pet-of-the-week segment on Wednesdays and this week's pet was Bilbo Baggins. I'm pretty sure he's in love with me...just look at that - love at first sight!

He jumped up on the couch and refused to leave...true story.

My co-worker Mel, or as Britapedia (another co-worker) calls her "Melly Cat," made me chocolate cupcakes. I ate 5...true story. That's on top of the hash-brown casserole, sub sandwich, chips and dip Christy & Mark (my bosses) prepared for us for birthday lunch.

All this by 11 a.m. I like to eat all of my calories at one setting; no sense in dragging it out all day.

I did the same to my puppy tonight...I overfed her, ooops. She has pouted the rest of the night.

My Nolan made me a birthday video using his iPad Mini but he deleted it when he found out I was NOT 22 like I had told him. His 6 year old mind was not able to distinguish between me teasing and me lying...

I skipped my Jillian Michaels workout today...Happy Birthday to me!

Church tonight was inspiring...I got the chance to pray for a young lady, which also heals me AND I watched and prayed for a young man, who is about to be a husband, receive his salvation.

What a way to spend a birthday...Refreshed, Renewed and Redeemed. Shalom

Yesterday, I was 36. :(

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