Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Dog-Gone Birthday

I am 37...I don't want to talk about it and I will not be happy about it for another 364 days...on day 365 I will be happy to talk about it...that's the day I start a blog that says:

I am 38...I don't want to talk about it and I want to return to 37...

but until then, I am 37...I will not say it again, nor will I talk about it.

I woke up this morning with my sports loving husband leaving his mark on my bathroom mirror.
I especially appreciate the promise in the corner...a promise to clean.

I was asked to kill time before coming to work this morning. My boss was working to create a surprise on-air birthday party for me. I love her effort but I had a sneaky suspicion what she was doing...that's why I hid from her at the supermarket where I was "killing time" and there she was shopping for birthday treats.

We celebrated on-air and I even got to kiss a dog. We have a pet-of-the-week segment on Wednesdays and this week's pet was Bilbo Baggins. I'm pretty sure he's in love with me...just look at that - love at first sight!

He jumped up on the couch and refused to leave...true story.

My co-worker Mel, or as Britapedia (another co-worker) calls her "Melly Cat," made me chocolate cupcakes. I ate 5...true story. That's on top of the hash-brown casserole, sub sandwich, chips and dip Christy & Mark (my bosses) prepared for us for birthday lunch.

All this by 11 a.m. I like to eat all of my calories at one setting; no sense in dragging it out all day.

I did the same to my puppy tonight...I overfed her, ooops. She has pouted the rest of the night.

My Nolan made me a birthday video using his iPad Mini but he deleted it when he found out I was NOT 22 like I had told him. His 6 year old mind was not able to distinguish between me teasing and me lying...

I skipped my Jillian Michaels workout today...Happy Birthday to me!

Church tonight was inspiring...I got the chance to pray for a young lady, which also heals me AND I watched and prayed for a young man, who is about to be a husband, receive his salvation.

What a way to spend a birthday...Refreshed, Renewed and Redeemed. Shalom

Yesterday, I was 36. :(

In The Hands of God

Wow this kid can play volleyball…and to think, she was the only one in her grade not make the team last year.

Middle girl is going to be a great athlete.

So this new dog of ours has wrapped the husband around its little paw-finger. The cat however, not so much…she’s terrified of Lil’ Lassie.

I bought new food and she runs towards the bowl and nose-dives into the little glass bowl, forcing the bowl and herself sliding across the concrete floor and bouncing off of the baseboard. So much fun to see, but not near as much fun as watching the husband frolic through the yard with the dog at his heels while he thinks no one is watching.

My niece Jordyn celebrated the big “3” Monday; actually, we celebrated on Saturday with a Pepa Pig party. This kid is adorable. Her favorite thing to do at every party she attends is stand by the cake and run her finger through the icing on the side to sneak a lick. She got up on the table Saturday and stood over her cake and ran her finger through the middle, as to say, “This is my party and I’ll take my lick out of the middle.”

Looking at her reminds me soo much of my middle child at that age. I miss my babies being little.

So, I am about to tell a story and at the outset I beg you to please understand this is not to embarrass my child but to give God the glory.

The eldest child and I were both sitting in our vehicles about to pull out of the subdivision when I pulled out and turned right – my lane was clear. Her lane however had a rollback truck barreling towards her as she pulled out at the same time I did, in front of this truck. She had done exactly what she’d been taught her entire life; follow her momma.

I had only enough time to screech out her name in a broken whisper.

When she saw the truck, she was already in his lane of traffic.

That huge rollback truck stopped on a dime…and so did the three cars behind him.

She made her way on safe and sound.

As I closed my eyes and thanked God, I looked down at my odometer and my mileage was 27,900. My gas miles-to-empty was 227…

If this means nothing to you, find my blog that is titled “Why He Gave Me a ‘27.'”

When I got to work I noticed a pile of yard-sale clothes I had stacked in my office over the weekend. The little jacket my son wore years ago was hanging out of the middle of the pile; on the side was embroidered “27.”

“I got this, kid…” –God

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

I Need A Peace Pipe

Things are a flutter at the radio station today…I turned 7!

It was 7 years ago I walked into the front doors of this place, one week before I turned 30. So technically I was still in my 20’s when I began my news career.

I’m sure that day I was much like the beginning of the Mary Tyler Moore show.

I was given three gifts on Monday…none of them for my career birthday BUT none-the-less interesting.

My boss and manager brought me back a new piece of equipment for the news department. I present to you the Weather Rock. They were gone over the weekend to the mountains and presented a game on facebook. I won.

It’s the Indian way of reporting the weather. I think this requires a peace pipe to fully grasp the reading of this rock; therefore, I sit Indian style in my office and wait for the pipe before I implement this into the news department.

A box of taffy…


And I got this from an older man who wants me to write a story concerning an insurance issue he is having. I listened to his complaint and then he pulled this handmade treasure from a garbage bag and presented to me:

I’ve never had an adult color a poster for me before. Brittany, my co-worker, is fighting me for it.

Today, we got free pizza for lunch, and two new co-workers. It’s a good day to start the radio ranch…

As my office fills with novelties of my past seven years here, (and yes the walls are all padded – they claim for sound reasons), I wonder what my next installation to this office will be, but mainly, what will be the experience that resulted in the addition.

Radio Ranch…good times.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

To Name, Re-Name, and Game

So much to write home about…not sure where to start.

Lil’ Lassie is her name, but today we think she’s grown into a boy…to change the name or not to change the name, that is the question. We got this pup the same way we got our cat, Alice. A stray brought to the radio station, seeking a home.

This miniature collie, which is a common mistake according to the red headed step-kid who says it’s actually a Sheltie, is obviously named appropriately since she/he is the little version of the most famous collie dog of them all. Lil’ was chosen since she looks like she could choose a career in Hip Hop. But now with possible boy parts, my boys want to change the name to Astro…decisions to be made.

The last time I wrote about life was before the SuperBowl, where I watched the game with my co-workers, ate crab cakes and liked, and WON $60 from the bets! Who knew my lack of sports knowledge and awesome guessing abilities would bring home the bacon!

The husband and I had crab cakes the Friday night before this event at Carrabas and I have to say, they were amazing. Either my taste buds matured or died.

Yesterday a new event took place in my life, the eldest child drove four of her friends to Elizabethtown…using the parkway to get there, like normal folk…I would have preferred her to take a horse drawn buggy but NOOO they had to drive her car. Heart attack, heart attack, heart attack…

They made it home safely…

Praising Jesus…

In other Thomas family business:

The husband and I attended our churches Valentine’s Banquet and I was super impressed with my friend Brads decorating ability. Wish I had photos, he is amazing. It was a black/white event and we had a blast.

The yes/no game was a hit. If you have never played this, please google and learn to play.

I received chocolate dipped strawberries from the husband on Valentine’s Day, very cool to receive in the mail. Scrumptious! What tops food in the mail? NOTHING.

The eldest girl got me and dad a Valentine box of chocolates. She’s really a very thoughtful young lady.

The red headed step kid hit the winning shot in their basketball game today..apparently it was 0 time on the clock when he launched the ball…I’m never there to see these shots…I’m cursed.

The boy has setup a gaming station in his room with the extra TV in the house. Not sure why we have so many TV’s. I vaguely remember the husband saying something about investing the kids’ college money in RCA, I thought he meant stocks and bonds…

Not sure why he needs the large garbage can…gaming must produce a lot of garbage.

Update on Jillian Michael’s 90 Day Challenge:

We’ve held strong for two weeks but then missed three days this week due to sickness…BUT it’s working. I really do like this so far. Only 30 minutes a day…Heck Yes! Just when she has pushed me to consider cursing, it’s over. Just how I like it!

Because taking pictures before a workout is the best photo opt EVER...