Thursday, January 3, 2013

Treausure Hunting with Sheldon

“My sister is a ball of sass…”

The Eldest girl tweeted about her younger sister.

The younger sister was in bed with me, as we were both on our laptops, reading this and laughing. “I’m a ball of sass,” she kept chuckling.

I love seeing these two make each other smile.

Today has been a typical work day with me still sitting here at 8:00 p.m. writing stories.

I still have a DECA manual to review - the kids compete later this month, plus I have four more news stories to write. Look at me, blogging like I have nothing to do.

Since today was not very exciting I decided to tell you about my nephew who is nine. I’ll call him Sheldon for all you Big Bang Theory fans – he’s the Sheldon of our family.

He is a boy scout who is quite skilled, so much so that he started a bonfire while my middle girl was babysitting him. They wanted to make S ‘mores…makes perfect sense, right? He also whittles. Yes, like an old man. He’s good at it, too.

He’s also an authority of coin collecting. Not sure how his interest got peeked but he packs his coin pricing guide book around everywhere he goes, AND he finds flea markets a delight.

I took him to my husband’s grandfather’s house on New Year’s Eve morning. My grandfather-in-law is the only coin collector I know and he was more than happy to chat about wheat-back pennies, silver dollars and rare finds with my nephews.

I was surprised at how much my nephew knew about these rare coins. He was spouting things like, “1845 penny SD and 1913 S, only 300 made.”

It was a treasure of a day and both boys got a few error nickels from papaw. That made their day and they gave him something to talk about.

Did I mention this kid's a mathlete? That's right, he scored the highest on the state tests in his grade. He also grows pumpkins and farms.

The little brother also is a coin enthusiast and the number one item on his Christmas list to Santa: A Susan Am-phany B. Coin… (Susan B. Anthony) Love these kids, they crack me up!

He got a proof set from the year he was born and was so excited to show it to papaw.

My sisters all over there with her mathlete, farming, coin collecting kids and I’m all over here with my ball of sass…Stop judging me.

For Christmas I did give both boys a $2 bill as part of their gifts. I also sent Sheldon on a treasure hunt. He had to read the maps to each location and find another clue until he found the place the treasure was buried. He used his metal detector – yes, I said HIS metal detector – to find the jar of money my husband buried for him. He loved it.

Quote of the Day: The best way to hang up on somebody is in the middle of your own sentence. They’ll never suspect you hung up on them.

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