Monday, January 14, 2013

I won! I won!

It was two days in the making, or 18 years – whichever way you look at this – but I finally got my crown.

One of my dearest friends, turned hero Saturday night, invited me to tag along to the Miss Kentucky State beauty pageant over the weekend. She allowed me to be “behind the scenes” by staying in their suite over the weekend and watching the process of what the girls go through to compete.

90 girls and their families were in this hotel. At times the hairspray/jealousy could be cut with a knife. There were several for me to choose from – knives that is – just about everybody I saw had one sticking out of their back.

As a Christian woman who strives to always produce fruits of the Holy Spirit – love, kindness, gentleness, joy, peace, patience, goodness, faithfulness and self-control – I had to shove a real piece of fruit in my mouth to keep from compromising my religious growth.

I watched my friend bite her bottom lip multiple times over the weekend, prayers were prayed and nails were chewed.

But overall, it was a great experience for the contestant herself, and an honor to represent herself, her family and her county.

I will make a sidebar here; please do not encourage your children to spy, cheat, lie, manipulate, backbite or be arrogant. For some reason, this atmosphere can really foster those things but we as parents need to be the example for the child and rise above.

The county I am from had two girls compete, representing two different counties. One of our girls made top 15 – she was gorgeous. The young lady I was with could not have done anything different, she was perfect, unfortunately she was not chosen as top 15.

As I was snooping around in our room, looking for the royal jewels, I found them! Her beloved crown and sash she was presented as our county winner.

There it sat, hidden behind a cup of Starbucks coffee, between two wooden shelves on the entertainment center. I looked around and realized that no one was paying attention to me so I took advantage; if I could just get it on my head I knew that I was home-free.

I had imagined this moment for years. I competed in our county pageant twice – making 3rd runner-up out of eight girls one year. (There I was, stuck in the middle of winner/loser)

I just knew when this crown finally hit my head it would be like that moment you see in movies, lights would shine from the crown as it seals itself to my head.

It would finally be home.

I got myself situated, sash on, crown on, pajamas on.

At this point I was being noticed. You can imagine my surprise when the young lady asked for her crown back. Did she not see the glorious light shining from my head when I put it on?

I won the argument; I fell asleep with it on my head.

I woke up with it locked in the rooms safe.

Just kidding, it was placed back on the royal shelf, behind the Starbucks coffee cup.

In other pageant news:

My new base model vehicle – that I picked to save money – has me crazy! I locked my keys in it on Friday and Saturday night I ran out of gas on the interstate, at almost midnight! Thank God for my friend, now hero, that was about an hour behind me and brought me gas.

I now appreciate my husband more. With the past few vehicles he has spent an ample amount of time to find a really good deal on something that offered the “bells & whistles” so that I don’t do the above. This base model didn’t alert me to low gas like I’ve been used to in the past. I guess now I have to actually pay attention. The atrocity!

I burned my wrist on a curling iron…

I did get some Christmas/birthday shopping done while searching for spray adhesive over the weekend. Christmas specialty shops clearance everything this time of year. They close down after it’s all gone. Stock up!


  1. Ouch, what a burn. Hope it heals quickly!

    1. Thanks girl, it really hasn't hurt...just looks terrible. I prayed immediatley when I did it - just red now. :)