Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Flu Flab-ulous

My blog friend Angie commented on my blog from yesterday and it reminded me of a story from my babies past.

The middle girl was sitting in the back seat, between the boy and her eldest sister - who was reading a book.

She, the middle girl, was whining for us to loan her money for a "Baby Alive" baby doll. She was six at the time. She finally plopped herself back into the seat and crossed her arms and shouted, "I'm just gonna grow a money tree and get me a "Baby Alive."

The eldest girl, who was 8, turned her head to the left, glared at her sister over the top of her glasses for a silent few seconds in disgust and said...

(here is where I think she is going to educate her sister on the fact that money trees are not real, instead she says...)

"Mallory, when you go to jail for counterfeiting, I will NOT come and visit you!" Hmmmpphh

I didn't breathe for at least 5 minutes, I was laughing so hard...

I caught up on work a tad after unplugging for several days to enjoy the holidays. I did, however, decide that I needed a flu shot today after watching it run ramped through my facebook family.

I sat down at the table at Rite Aid, shirt sleeve up and arm ready for the shot.

Now these arms of mine have been subjected to heavier weights here lately AND my friend Rita - who is training to be a personal trainer - so the ole guns are really starting to take shape.

I notice he is staring at the top of my arm and he makes a sound and twisted his lips. I'm thinking that he is noticing the GUNS! Uh huh! That's right! Ka Pow, baby!!!!

He grabs the top with the tips of his fingers and pulls up and lets go about three quick times and says, "Yep! Perfect FLAB! That's just what I need."

I guess now that I won't have the flu, I'll call Rita and hit the gym harder. Apparently, these guns aren't "trigger ready" yet.

Quote of the Day: Not only is my short term memory horrible, but so is my short term memory!

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