Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Did That Just Happen?

As the front door of the radio station opened and a pretty young lady rounded the corner with a resume in hand, I came bouncing around the front desk saddled on the hippty hop.

True story. It happened.

The best part? I had 1980’s hair and leg warmers in honor of our interview with the Broadway musical led role Alex Owens of Flash Dance.

Not sure why a co-worker didn’t throw water on me at this point. It’s obliviously the best Flash Dance remake that could be made on a hippity hop.

The sisters, our mother and my middle girl saw the musical over the weekend. It was AWESOME.

Earlier this year we as a station headed to Bowling Green where American Idol was holding smaller city tryouts. The famous judges were not there but they screened thousands of people and sent the lucky ones on to the bigger city tours where these people would see the Keith Urbans and the “Dogs” of it all.

As I was walking around and pulling people out of the line to sing on-air I stumbled upon Josh Holiday. He sang “Let’s Get It On” for me and our listeners, and it was outstanding. As our morning show ended and we packed up to leave, I noticed Josh was still about 500 people deep from the judges.

Last week as we were watching the Chicago tryouts there he was wearing the same outfit. Josh Holiday made it through to Hollywood! Did I just see that?

I guess I know who I’m rooting for this season. I plan to say I gave him his start when he is famous.

As this week wasn’t interesting enough, I got a call from a friend saying she knows who the Manti Te’o hoax girlfriend is. After much investigation and her talking with Nev from MTV’s Catfish, we truly feel her friend was involved with the same group of people. That’s all I can say about it at this time BUT…What? Are you serious? How crazy is that? Did that just happen? More to come at a later date, maybe…

In other Thomas family business:

The eldest daughter got her driver’s license today. On my way home from work, I passed her on the road. Did I just see that? To say my stomach flipped and my eyes teared-up is an understatement. I am terrified. All I can do is place her in God’s hands and pray protection over her every moment of everyday.

I wonder if she will notice the olive oil dripping from her car in the morning and the trunk full of rosaries and crosses? I think I will go out and anoint her car with prayer while she sleeps…

It’s with a heavy heart my husband and I say goodbye to a dear friend this week. He died from an aneurism yesterday. Our hearts are broken. Rest in Peace, Jerry. You made a profound difference in our lives.

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