Sunday, January 6, 2013

Devils in the Details

It was about two months in the making...the Boy asked if he could take friends to an indoor trampoline park for his birthday.

"There's not one around here," replied I.

The following day I found one in Louisville. Overly excited I planned, secretly, for the boy to have a birthday "experience" this year instead of a gift. He agreed to the experience but had no idea where he and his friends were going.

After more than an hour and half of travel with seven boys we pulled in the parking lot and my truck looked as if I had hydraulics on the wheels, from all of the bouncing with total and complete excitement from these kids when they read "Skyzone, Indoor Trampoline Park."

I had done it! I had pulled off the best birthday surprise ever for this kid. They were screaming!

Got inside, waited in line and made our way to the counter.

You need to understand that I had looked online for a while to figure out how the pricing and timing worked. You cannot just walk into these places and jump. Only so many kids an hour. I figured this out and bought them two hours - which is the most they offered. We were already 10 minutes late.

We were so anxious. I couldn't wait for them to get on those trampolines.

I handed the lady my tickets and she asked for my waivers.

My what?

She said the worst words I heard all weekend, "Each child must have a waiver signed by their legal guardian."

After 10 minutes of pleading my case to the manager and the owner, we were turned away.

I was crying and begging the owner to allow me to sign waivers for each child, but they would not hear of it. I almost fainted when I turned to looked these seven boys in the eyes - filled with crocodile tears - and tell them that they couldn't jump.

Heartbroken is an understatement.

If you learn nothing else, learn to read the fine print and pop-ups, because the owner assured me, "Our website explains the waivers. It's a pop-up when you first log onto our website. Most people click out of it though."

I rest my case; she pleaded it for me.

In other Thomas family business:

I refer you to last years blog, same day, called Birthday Hex. The boy lives under one.

The eldest child got her first car this weekend. She has laid eyes upon it once. She's been in bed with the flu all weekend long. Pitiful.

The dad and I rushed to Memphis and back Friday to pickup her new (new to her) car. We pulled in the drive - outside temp around 35 - and proceeded to wash it before she got home. Have you ever washed a car and the water on the car freeze? It was covered in ice. We had to pull into the garage to let it thaw.

I got a new vehicle. Lesson #2 for you tonight: Ask the seller if the previous owner was a heavy smoker. It reeks!

Also ask the seller if the previous owner used the car as a dog kennel. We learned this the hard way last vehicle. One way to check for sure...lay the seats all the way back and look where the seats meet.

Quote of the Day: I just replaced the can of air fresher in the office bathroom with an air horn. And now we wait...

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  1. I don't know who I feel more sorry for, you or the boys. How heartbreaking. Please tell me he had a good birthday anyway.

    Sorry your gal is sick. Hope she feels MUCH better soon.