Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Cheeseburger in Paradise

"Mom, Red-Headed Step Kid found a pair of Beats headphones in Hang Young for $7" - the boy.

"Hong Kong, you dork" - Red-Headed Step Kid.

(Laughing) "Oh Yeah..." - the boy.

(Both boys walking away) "I bet when you plug them in you'll hear hang, yong, pong, eiooughioee..." - my brilliant boy who thinks if you buy something from a foreign country the device only translates in the native language it was bought from.

It's been the best Christmas break I've ever experienced. I can't put my finger on it, maybe I've gotten to an age I can recognize what's important, my kids are old enough to do for themselves leaving me free to enjoy details, or I'm just learning life goes by too fast and I need to learn to smell the roses.

Whatever the reason, I made the sweetest memories this Christmas season.

It will take several blogs to bring about all the Christmas events but I eventually will note them all. For now, I focus on the New Years Day at hand.

Last night we ate at Olive Garden with my sister and her husband. I only denote this to tell you about the woman with the beret and boob problem. I'm not sure if it was a raspberry beret, but I do know that her huge left boob was sitting on the table next to her plate of spaghetti. I just remind everyone: BOOBS go inside your shirt. I don't want to see them nor do I need the men/boys around me staring at your inappropriateness. If you cannot keep from showing them off, there are many tribes who go shirtless; move there!

I spent the morning in bed laughing with my husband over some stupid MTV show about bloopers as we looked through vehicle options he found for us on the internet the night before.

Our eldest child will buy her first car this month and he has narrowed down her options.

I'm very proud of her. We told her we would match whatever she could save and decided to spend on a car. She's ready to spend $2,000 of her money. We are matching plus borrowing $500 in her name. We want her to learn the responsibility of having a monthly payment while we are here to keep a close eye on the matter. This also builds her credit.

She's been working since last January, saving money and learining to care for a checking account/debit card. She's done a great job balanacing her time/money. She also decided to travel to London/Paris with her Senior class in 2014. This trip is $4300/person and she has been spliting the monthly payment with me, after making a $500 down payment herself. I smile when I see her pull out her checkbook and stuff the enevelope with the payment. Her financial investment in this trip will only heighten her travel experience. I believe we take care of and appreciate what we earn.

She's only 16 and handles these matters better than most adults. I wonder though, how many parents think to equip their children with money matters before they send them out into the world.

My trip to the gym was a fail; the manager was not there to make me a new key fob. I lost mine...

I stopped at the grocery, again, and came home to a husband ready to cook. He made us cheesburgers, fries and tots!

Life it the tots! That's all I can say about that.

New Years Resolutions: Jillians 90 Day Revolution (will be here next week)
Blog daily (Must become more interesting)
Write daily scriptures on kids mirrors before they wake...they've already noticed todays and liked!
Spend more time with our parents.

Quote of the Day: I don't run, in fact, if you ever see me running you should start running too because something is chasing me.


  1. I don't think you lack one bit in the interesting department. You seriously crack me up!

    How awesome that you all are teaching your daughter such responsibility. Sigh, I totally suck in the department as a parent. My daughter thinks money grows on trees :(

    Awesome 2013 goals & VERY attainable. Good luck with them

    Hope you and yours have a wonderful 2013 Friend!!!

    1. You do not suck as a parent, you should re-read your own blogs. LOL You're a loving mother, that's the best kind to have. So glad 2012 crossed our paths! Be Blessed!