Wednesday, January 30, 2013

.86 Cents Bought Me A Piece of Heaven

“That’s exactly why I won’t jump!” – said the husband after seeing this nugget of goodness I accidently captured while trying to take pictures of my daughter and her friends.

This guy was having too much fun at the indoor trampoline park.

Not sure if my husband was afraid of having his picture taken unexpectedly or if he would be transformed into a smiling, toe-twinkling, fairy once his feet hit the trampolines.

Who knows, maybe this guy came in as one of those hateful jerky kinds that hates the world, and this massive sea of jumping-fun whisk him away to a land of fairy fun.

Who needs anti-depressants when we have indoor trampoline parks in the world?

The kids actually got to jump this go-round and they loved it.

In other Thomas Family business:

We have worked and worked on DECA projects for the past 48 hours. Even last night’s tornado warnings couldn’t pull me away from those boards. We (me and kid) are exhausted but she headed out the door this morning ready to compete at the regional level.

Stop here and pray now, thank you.

I started Jillian Michaels Body Revolution two days ago. The workouts are only 30 minutes and they are doable. That’s all I’m looking for, doable. The journal and eating guide is very handy if you are a person who is lost in the sea of diet talk and not accustom to clean eating. This is a great deal if you are looking to follow something.

We had ice cream cake for the middle girl’s birthday Sunday afternoon. The boy helped me cleanup…

Remember Steve Urkel? “Did I do that?”
He was asking if that would stain his shorts.

As I was getting out of my vehicle to head into work yesterday morning I saw the remnants of the middle girls breakfast…not only is it in the floorboard but it was a chicken sandwich. I guess she could have chosen worse things for breakfast.

I spent .86 cents yesterday and found Heaven. And yes, Jillian Michaels told me to go out and find a piece of Heaven in my day, and so I did. I'm sure this is exactly what she meant. Thanks, Jillian.


  1. Glad they finally got to jump. I always thought those places looked like a blast. I would have so been jumping! That pic totally cracked me up. He definitely looked like a fairy. Too funny!

    Good luck to your gal today. Can't wait to hear how she did. Your braver than I am though. NOTHING could keep my attention if we had tornado warnings. I'm terrified of storms :(

  2. Thanks, Angie! She ended up in 2nd place overall, only 2 pts. behind the winner (who was one of our kids and did a great job as well).

    I think I will jump the next time we go back, they loved it!