Wednesday, January 30, 2013

.86 Cents Bought Me A Piece of Heaven

“That’s exactly why I won’t jump!” – said the husband after seeing this nugget of goodness I accidently captured while trying to take pictures of my daughter and her friends.

This guy was having too much fun at the indoor trampoline park.

Not sure if my husband was afraid of having his picture taken unexpectedly or if he would be transformed into a smiling, toe-twinkling, fairy once his feet hit the trampolines.

Who knows, maybe this guy came in as one of those hateful jerky kinds that hates the world, and this massive sea of jumping-fun whisk him away to a land of fairy fun.

Who needs anti-depressants when we have indoor trampoline parks in the world?

The kids actually got to jump this go-round and they loved it.

In other Thomas Family business:

We have worked and worked on DECA projects for the past 48 hours. Even last night’s tornado warnings couldn’t pull me away from those boards. We (me and kid) are exhausted but she headed out the door this morning ready to compete at the regional level.

Stop here and pray now, thank you.

I started Jillian Michaels Body Revolution two days ago. The workouts are only 30 minutes and they are doable. That’s all I’m looking for, doable. The journal and eating guide is very handy if you are a person who is lost in the sea of diet talk and not accustom to clean eating. This is a great deal if you are looking to follow something.

We had ice cream cake for the middle girl’s birthday Sunday afternoon. The boy helped me cleanup…

Remember Steve Urkel? “Did I do that?”
He was asking if that would stain his shorts.

As I was getting out of my vehicle to head into work yesterday morning I saw the remnants of the middle girls breakfast…not only is it in the floorboard but it was a chicken sandwich. I guess she could have chosen worse things for breakfast.

I spent .86 cents yesterday and found Heaven. And yes, Jillian Michaels told me to go out and find a piece of Heaven in my day, and so I did. I'm sure this is exactly what she meant. Thanks, Jillian.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Why He Gave Me a "27"

As the message continued I heard Pastor Bob Rodgers say, “Know your Prayer number.”

I saw my pastor look at his wife in a way to say, that’s it!

I wondered, what’s a prayer number?

Pastor Rodgers went on to talk about waking up in the middle of the night and noticing it was always at the same time. He said that was God saying it’s time to pray.

I read a blog by a woman of faith who had a toddler drown and she realized after months of speaking about the child’s death and ministering to people that there was always a number associated with her thoughts of the child. She explained in depth, but at the end this number was God telling her that her baby’s life was completed and the number is God’s way of reminding her he (God) is with her.

I went home that night and it started. Every time I would look at a clock the minute would be on 27. Every time a number was involved with my day there would be a 27 involved. After months and months of this, I realized, this is my number. This is God saying I recognize you and I am with you.

I haven’t found any versus that support this idea but I believe God speaks to me with this number…and I am reminded to “pray without ceasing” when I see my “27.”

My husband awoke Monday morning and said, “That’s two mornings in a row that I have woken up at 6:27 a.m. I mumbled, “That’s my prayer number.” Later in the day he had me elaborate.

For our Anniversary he was more than generous, he sent me gorgeous flowers to work. As our county was dealing with ice covered roadways and dangerous conditions, the son of the flower shops owner, Heath, risked his life to deliver my flowers to me while I was on-air. It was stupidly-fantastic of Heath! Thank you, Heath!

A little later in the day a local jeweler was standing in the doorway of my office with a red bag in his hand. Inside this treasure trove was a pair of hoop earrings, a gorgeous new diamond ring and a “27.” He rarely buys me jewelry so today was a shock.

(Actually, he loved his idea of the “27” so much he gave it to me a few days earlier and I thought this was my gift. I was thrilled that he had loved my “27” so much that he thought of this and actually found one.)

I was born on 2/27, married on 1/27, had my 2nd child on 1/27 and she was born at 1:27 p.m.

As my sisters and mother saw Flash Dance last week we all grab a ticket and ran in, late. As I looked at my ticket, (one of six in two different rows) my seat # was 27…

In other Thomas Family business:

The boy plays in a basketball tournament this morning.

The middle girl is celebrating 14 today with some friends. We are headed back to Skyzone to reattempt to jump. She is adamant this is what she wants to do. We will see how it goes. I do have the waivers this time, hopefully I have all the red tape taken care of.

My nephews spent the night with us last night. I hear Nolan (who is 6) say this:

“Aunt Misty, my brother hit me 4 times….hard. I kissed him”

“Is that why he hit you?” – Me

(Grinning, puckering and looking at himself in my full length mirror) “Yes, BUT it was SOOO precious!”

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Did That Just Happen?

As the front door of the radio station opened and a pretty young lady rounded the corner with a resume in hand, I came bouncing around the front desk saddled on the hippty hop.

True story. It happened.

The best part? I had 1980’s hair and leg warmers in honor of our interview with the Broadway musical led role Alex Owens of Flash Dance.

Not sure why a co-worker didn’t throw water on me at this point. It’s obliviously the best Flash Dance remake that could be made on a hippity hop.

The sisters, our mother and my middle girl saw the musical over the weekend. It was AWESOME.

Earlier this year we as a station headed to Bowling Green where American Idol was holding smaller city tryouts. The famous judges were not there but they screened thousands of people and sent the lucky ones on to the bigger city tours where these people would see the Keith Urbans and the “Dogs” of it all.

As I was walking around and pulling people out of the line to sing on-air I stumbled upon Josh Holiday. He sang “Let’s Get It On” for me and our listeners, and it was outstanding. As our morning show ended and we packed up to leave, I noticed Josh was still about 500 people deep from the judges.

Last week as we were watching the Chicago tryouts there he was wearing the same outfit. Josh Holiday made it through to Hollywood! Did I just see that?

I guess I know who I’m rooting for this season. I plan to say I gave him his start when he is famous.

As this week wasn’t interesting enough, I got a call from a friend saying she knows who the Manti Te’o hoax girlfriend is. After much investigation and her talking with Nev from MTV’s Catfish, we truly feel her friend was involved with the same group of people. That’s all I can say about it at this time BUT…What? Are you serious? How crazy is that? Did that just happen? More to come at a later date, maybe…

In other Thomas family business:

The eldest daughter got her driver’s license today. On my way home from work, I passed her on the road. Did I just see that? To say my stomach flipped and my eyes teared-up is an understatement. I am terrified. All I can do is place her in God’s hands and pray protection over her every moment of everyday.

I wonder if she will notice the olive oil dripping from her car in the morning and the trunk full of rosaries and crosses? I think I will go out and anoint her car with prayer while she sleeps…

It’s with a heavy heart my husband and I say goodbye to a dear friend this week. He died from an aneurism yesterday. Our hearts are broken. Rest in Peace, Jerry. You made a profound difference in our lives.

Monday, January 14, 2013

I won! I won!

It was two days in the making, or 18 years – whichever way you look at this – but I finally got my crown.

One of my dearest friends, turned hero Saturday night, invited me to tag along to the Miss Kentucky State beauty pageant over the weekend. She allowed me to be “behind the scenes” by staying in their suite over the weekend and watching the process of what the girls go through to compete.

90 girls and their families were in this hotel. At times the hairspray/jealousy could be cut with a knife. There were several for me to choose from – knives that is – just about everybody I saw had one sticking out of their back.

As a Christian woman who strives to always produce fruits of the Holy Spirit – love, kindness, gentleness, joy, peace, patience, goodness, faithfulness and self-control – I had to shove a real piece of fruit in my mouth to keep from compromising my religious growth.

I watched my friend bite her bottom lip multiple times over the weekend, prayers were prayed and nails were chewed.

But overall, it was a great experience for the contestant herself, and an honor to represent herself, her family and her county.

I will make a sidebar here; please do not encourage your children to spy, cheat, lie, manipulate, backbite or be arrogant. For some reason, this atmosphere can really foster those things but we as parents need to be the example for the child and rise above.

The county I am from had two girls compete, representing two different counties. One of our girls made top 15 – she was gorgeous. The young lady I was with could not have done anything different, she was perfect, unfortunately she was not chosen as top 15.

As I was snooping around in our room, looking for the royal jewels, I found them! Her beloved crown and sash she was presented as our county winner.

There it sat, hidden behind a cup of Starbucks coffee, between two wooden shelves on the entertainment center. I looked around and realized that no one was paying attention to me so I took advantage; if I could just get it on my head I knew that I was home-free.

I had imagined this moment for years. I competed in our county pageant twice – making 3rd runner-up out of eight girls one year. (There I was, stuck in the middle of winner/loser)

I just knew when this crown finally hit my head it would be like that moment you see in movies, lights would shine from the crown as it seals itself to my head.

It would finally be home.

I got myself situated, sash on, crown on, pajamas on.

At this point I was being noticed. You can imagine my surprise when the young lady asked for her crown back. Did she not see the glorious light shining from my head when I put it on?

I won the argument; I fell asleep with it on my head.

I woke up with it locked in the rooms safe.

Just kidding, it was placed back on the royal shelf, behind the Starbucks coffee cup.

In other pageant news:

My new base model vehicle – that I picked to save money – has me crazy! I locked my keys in it on Friday and Saturday night I ran out of gas on the interstate, at almost midnight! Thank God for my friend, now hero, that was about an hour behind me and brought me gas.

I now appreciate my husband more. With the past few vehicles he has spent an ample amount of time to find a really good deal on something that offered the “bells & whistles” so that I don’t do the above. This base model didn’t alert me to low gas like I’ve been used to in the past. I guess now I have to actually pay attention. The atrocity!

I burned my wrist on a curling iron…

I did get some Christmas/birthday shopping done while searching for spray adhesive over the weekend. Christmas specialty shops clearance everything this time of year. They close down after it’s all gone. Stock up!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Devils in the Details

It was about two months in the making...the Boy asked if he could take friends to an indoor trampoline park for his birthday.

"There's not one around here," replied I.

The following day I found one in Louisville. Overly excited I planned, secretly, for the boy to have a birthday "experience" this year instead of a gift. He agreed to the experience but had no idea where he and his friends were going.

After more than an hour and half of travel with seven boys we pulled in the parking lot and my truck looked as if I had hydraulics on the wheels, from all of the bouncing with total and complete excitement from these kids when they read "Skyzone, Indoor Trampoline Park."

I had done it! I had pulled off the best birthday surprise ever for this kid. They were screaming!

Got inside, waited in line and made our way to the counter.

You need to understand that I had looked online for a while to figure out how the pricing and timing worked. You cannot just walk into these places and jump. Only so many kids an hour. I figured this out and bought them two hours - which is the most they offered. We were already 10 minutes late.

We were so anxious. I couldn't wait for them to get on those trampolines.

I handed the lady my tickets and she asked for my waivers.

My what?

She said the worst words I heard all weekend, "Each child must have a waiver signed by their legal guardian."

After 10 minutes of pleading my case to the manager and the owner, we were turned away.

I was crying and begging the owner to allow me to sign waivers for each child, but they would not hear of it. I almost fainted when I turned to looked these seven boys in the eyes - filled with crocodile tears - and tell them that they couldn't jump.

Heartbroken is an understatement.

If you learn nothing else, learn to read the fine print and pop-ups, because the owner assured me, "Our website explains the waivers. It's a pop-up when you first log onto our website. Most people click out of it though."

I rest my case; she pleaded it for me.

In other Thomas family business:

I refer you to last years blog, same day, called Birthday Hex. The boy lives under one.

The eldest child got her first car this weekend. She has laid eyes upon it once. She's been in bed with the flu all weekend long. Pitiful.

The dad and I rushed to Memphis and back Friday to pickup her new (new to her) car. We pulled in the drive - outside temp around 35 - and proceeded to wash it before she got home. Have you ever washed a car and the water on the car freeze? It was covered in ice. We had to pull into the garage to let it thaw.

I got a new vehicle. Lesson #2 for you tonight: Ask the seller if the previous owner was a heavy smoker. It reeks!

Also ask the seller if the previous owner used the car as a dog kennel. We learned this the hard way last vehicle. One way to check for sure...lay the seats all the way back and look where the seats meet.

Quote of the Day: I just replaced the can of air fresher in the office bathroom with an air horn. And now we wait...

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Treausure Hunting with Sheldon

“My sister is a ball of sass…”

The Eldest girl tweeted about her younger sister.

The younger sister was in bed with me, as we were both on our laptops, reading this and laughing. “I’m a ball of sass,” she kept chuckling.

I love seeing these two make each other smile.

Today has been a typical work day with me still sitting here at 8:00 p.m. writing stories.

I still have a DECA manual to review - the kids compete later this month, plus I have four more news stories to write. Look at me, blogging like I have nothing to do.

Since today was not very exciting I decided to tell you about my nephew who is nine. I’ll call him Sheldon for all you Big Bang Theory fans – he’s the Sheldon of our family.

He is a boy scout who is quite skilled, so much so that he started a bonfire while my middle girl was babysitting him. They wanted to make S ‘mores…makes perfect sense, right? He also whittles. Yes, like an old man. He’s good at it, too.

He’s also an authority of coin collecting. Not sure how his interest got peeked but he packs his coin pricing guide book around everywhere he goes, AND he finds flea markets a delight.

I took him to my husband’s grandfather’s house on New Year’s Eve morning. My grandfather-in-law is the only coin collector I know and he was more than happy to chat about wheat-back pennies, silver dollars and rare finds with my nephews.

I was surprised at how much my nephew knew about these rare coins. He was spouting things like, “1845 penny SD and 1913 S, only 300 made.”

It was a treasure of a day and both boys got a few error nickels from papaw. That made their day and they gave him something to talk about.

Did I mention this kid's a mathlete? That's right, he scored the highest on the state tests in his grade. He also grows pumpkins and farms.

The little brother also is a coin enthusiast and the number one item on his Christmas list to Santa: A Susan Am-phany B. Coin… (Susan B. Anthony) Love these kids, they crack me up!

He got a proof set from the year he was born and was so excited to show it to papaw.

My sisters all over there with her mathlete, farming, coin collecting kids and I’m all over here with my ball of sass…Stop judging me.

For Christmas I did give both boys a $2 bill as part of their gifts. I also sent Sheldon on a treasure hunt. He had to read the maps to each location and find another clue until he found the place the treasure was buried. He used his metal detector – yes, I said HIS metal detector – to find the jar of money my husband buried for him. He loved it.

Quote of the Day: The best way to hang up on somebody is in the middle of your own sentence. They’ll never suspect you hung up on them.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Flu Flab-ulous

My blog friend Angie commented on my blog from yesterday and it reminded me of a story from my babies past.

The middle girl was sitting in the back seat, between the boy and her eldest sister - who was reading a book.

She, the middle girl, was whining for us to loan her money for a "Baby Alive" baby doll. She was six at the time. She finally plopped herself back into the seat and crossed her arms and shouted, "I'm just gonna grow a money tree and get me a "Baby Alive."

The eldest girl, who was 8, turned her head to the left, glared at her sister over the top of her glasses for a silent few seconds in disgust and said...

(here is where I think she is going to educate her sister on the fact that money trees are not real, instead she says...)

"Mallory, when you go to jail for counterfeiting, I will NOT come and visit you!" Hmmmpphh

I didn't breathe for at least 5 minutes, I was laughing so hard...

I caught up on work a tad after unplugging for several days to enjoy the holidays. I did, however, decide that I needed a flu shot today after watching it run ramped through my facebook family.

I sat down at the table at Rite Aid, shirt sleeve up and arm ready for the shot.

Now these arms of mine have been subjected to heavier weights here lately AND my friend Rita - who is training to be a personal trainer - so the ole guns are really starting to take shape.

I notice he is staring at the top of my arm and he makes a sound and twisted his lips. I'm thinking that he is noticing the GUNS! Uh huh! That's right! Ka Pow, baby!!!!

He grabs the top with the tips of his fingers and pulls up and lets go about three quick times and says, "Yep! Perfect FLAB! That's just what I need."

I guess now that I won't have the flu, I'll call Rita and hit the gym harder. Apparently, these guns aren't "trigger ready" yet.

Quote of the Day: Not only is my short term memory horrible, but so is my short term memory!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Cheeseburger in Paradise

"Mom, Red-Headed Step Kid found a pair of Beats headphones in Hang Young for $7" - the boy.

"Hong Kong, you dork" - Red-Headed Step Kid.

(Laughing) "Oh Yeah..." - the boy.

(Both boys walking away) "I bet when you plug them in you'll hear hang, yong, pong, eiooughioee..." - my brilliant boy who thinks if you buy something from a foreign country the device only translates in the native language it was bought from.

It's been the best Christmas break I've ever experienced. I can't put my finger on it, maybe I've gotten to an age I can recognize what's important, my kids are old enough to do for themselves leaving me free to enjoy details, or I'm just learning life goes by too fast and I need to learn to smell the roses.

Whatever the reason, I made the sweetest memories this Christmas season.

It will take several blogs to bring about all the Christmas events but I eventually will note them all. For now, I focus on the New Years Day at hand.

Last night we ate at Olive Garden with my sister and her husband. I only denote this to tell you about the woman with the beret and boob problem. I'm not sure if it was a raspberry beret, but I do know that her huge left boob was sitting on the table next to her plate of spaghetti. I just remind everyone: BOOBS go inside your shirt. I don't want to see them nor do I need the men/boys around me staring at your inappropriateness. If you cannot keep from showing them off, there are many tribes who go shirtless; move there!

I spent the morning in bed laughing with my husband over some stupid MTV show about bloopers as we looked through vehicle options he found for us on the internet the night before.

Our eldest child will buy her first car this month and he has narrowed down her options.

I'm very proud of her. We told her we would match whatever she could save and decided to spend on a car. She's ready to spend $2,000 of her money. We are matching plus borrowing $500 in her name. We want her to learn the responsibility of having a monthly payment while we are here to keep a close eye on the matter. This also builds her credit.

She's been working since last January, saving money and learining to care for a checking account/debit card. She's done a great job balanacing her time/money. She also decided to travel to London/Paris with her Senior class in 2014. This trip is $4300/person and she has been spliting the monthly payment with me, after making a $500 down payment herself. I smile when I see her pull out her checkbook and stuff the enevelope with the payment. Her financial investment in this trip will only heighten her travel experience. I believe we take care of and appreciate what we earn.

She's only 16 and handles these matters better than most adults. I wonder though, how many parents think to equip their children with money matters before they send them out into the world.

My trip to the gym was a fail; the manager was not there to make me a new key fob. I lost mine...

I stopped at the grocery, again, and came home to a husband ready to cook. He made us cheesburgers, fries and tots!

Life it the tots! That's all I can say about that.

New Years Resolutions: Jillians 90 Day Revolution (will be here next week)
Blog daily (Must become more interesting)
Write daily scriptures on kids mirrors before they wake...they've already noticed todays and liked!
Spend more time with our parents.

Quote of the Day: I don't run, in fact, if you ever see me running you should start running too because something is chasing me.