Saturday, December 22, 2012

Holy Visitations at the Thomas Home

"We need more laundry detergent."

You probably think this is me screaming to myself since no one else in my house would seem to care or even know this information BUT this was heard from the voice of an least what I deem to be an Angel; my 12-year-old boy!!!

That's right, I couldn't believe it either. He's been dabbling in housework on his own in small doses in the past few weeks but I heard this out of his darling baby doll lips Wednesday as he was headed outside to play basketball with the neighborhood kids.

I came home Thursday afternoon and the two boys had pulled everything out of my big pantry and organized it AND the Red Headed Step Child organized/cleaned out the refrigerator AND they organized my food cabinets.

Friday afternoon I came home to the boy who had organized underneath my kitchen sink!

Saturday morning when I came home from the early morning news shift at the radio station, I found the boy unloading the dishwasher. I just stopped and absorbed the goodness of this vision. I am beginning to think these are not my children but Holy visitations from Heavenly beings that look like my children.

I walked into the pantry to throw away the trash I brought in from my vehicle and I heard this Angel speak..."Does that trash need to be taken out."

Oh Heavenly Father, Hallowed be thy Holy name, thy Kingdom come, thy Will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven...

this must be what you meant...this must be how it's done in Heaven.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Jesus Healed the Un-Cool

All I wanted was a cup of coffee as I reached up to grab my too-big container of coffee grounds; the too-big container that I have to lay on its side to store in my overhead cabinet. As I was pulling it out the lid came off and grounds scattered everywhere. Thank God I keep my little shop vac right near the kitchen.

I got every last single ground sucked into the vacuum, pulled the plug and spun around on my heel. There it was…my frustration at its height. Oh Jesus help me, it’s Sunday morning and all I wanted was a cup of coffee. Now I’m about to lodged this shop vac through the kitchen wall at the same time my tongue and head spin in the opposite direction as my feet start stomping harshly into the cold tile.

The rest of my kitchen, the part that was to my back during the cleanup, is covered in a brown dust. The stinking, forsaken shop vac did NOT have a filter in it. The coffee blew out the back of the vacuum...

Pretty sure you could have fried an egg on my forehead from my blood boiling.

Thank God my husband keeps his ServiceMaster Clean backpack vac in the garage. I’m going to need the professional equipment and two Valium to get this mess under control.

I thought about taking a picture but was afraid my iPhone would melt from the fervent heat pulsing through my body.

An hour later, the kitchen is spotless and there is even a ham in the over for the red headed step-kid. It’s his fav…mamaw’s good ham. (Refer to last blog)

The weekend was busy; the boys had their first Jr. Pro game. I was taking photos with the iPhone and got this one.

See the ball? After the 3 pt. shot was made I asked the husband who made it and he looked at me, stupidly might I add, and said, “Your son.” Ohhh, well I got him making it, cool!

Nope, the kid’s not in the pic. My stupid luck.

It’s like this pic from a week ago. The sisters, our mother and I went to see Jersey Boys. We ask a foreign lady to use my iPhone to take a pic. This was the best of the series she shot. I’m pretty sure it’s my Christmas card this year. *sigh

In other Thomas family business:

The boy had toga day. We pinned a queen size sheet around him, after much folding, and we were on our way. He got out of the car and it all fell apart. Drop off line is not a place to retie a toga. No sympathy found from other parents. The kid ran into school looking like he was dragging his blanky.

The kid spent the better part of Sunday doing laundry. He’s doing such a great job, this is twice this week he has done most of the laundry. Go Team Thomas!!!

My boss, Mark, and I broadcasted the twilight Christmas parade Saturday. You know what you get when you have a tree, a guy and an iPhone? Mark’s senior pic…23 years too late. Why do guys senior pics always involved a tree limb? If we had only had a Trans Am.

Saturday night I heard the giggles of 16-year-olds. I open the eldest girl’s door and found this.

Not sure why they all weren’t out on dates…

But praising God they weren’t.

Attended church with some awesome people Sunday morning at their new church. –Just making a mental note here so I can remember the day.

Quote of the Day: (Setting – Christmas play rehearsal)
Director: I need people to play each part: deaf, dumb, blind, dead and lame
My Child: I’m not sure I want to be lame…who wants to be un-cool.

Praise God Jesus came to heal the lame. We wouldn’t want a world full of un-coolness wondering the streets.