Saturday, November 24, 2012

Tricky Holiday Ninja

I had my heart set on a $39 Ninja Blender. I own the Ninja 3 piece food processor set and it’s a good product for everything but making smoothies; which is why I bought it. I realized to grind the oatmeal in my smoothies that I would need the blender, where the blades are located differently than the food processors.

I got my hands on the Black Friday deal and was thrilled since the Ninja Blender is typically over $100. I got home and raised the lid, anticipating my morning smoothie lump-free, and found a duplicate of the food processor I already owned. Stinking, tricky Ninja Company; how dare you package a piece of the food processor set as a blender and stick a low “Black Friday” price on it. It was returned and I’m now looking for another brand.

Thanksgiving dinner was a success. I cooked turkey & dressing, corn pudding casserole and deviled eggs on Wednesday. In between working and sterilizing my house before the health department shut me down and took my children, it was completed; after a night with my mother and two sisters to see the Broadway Musical ‘Jersey Boys.’ (Free tickets from work are the bomb-diggity)

We, as a family, hosted my daddy and his wife, my six sisters and their children. It was the first time that we had all been together for the holiday in years…

Everybody’s taste buds were tantalized as I made two kinds of dressing, cornbread and herb, Annie brought Chicken and Dumplings and daddy brought Chocolate Gravy and Biscuits. The best part…Annie brought school lunch trays. Shut the front door, how much better is Thanksgiving dinner than having it from a school lunch tray?

Thursday we enjoyed lunch at my momma’s, who prepared the entire feast alone. It was, as always, delish! My mother’s cooking is famous with our kids, their friends and our friends. If we want our children to eat something we couple the statement with these words, “It’s Mamaws Good” (fill in the blank). We can get them to eat anything, anywhere if we say it’s mamaws good corn, or beans or gravy. Totally brained washed our children with mamaws cooking.

We journeyed to my husband’s parents home for dinner where I was waddling, but was able to force down a piece of yummy chocolate pie and two pieces of fresh, moist banana cake; didn’t want to disappoint the cook. It’s tough but somebody had to do it.

Thursday evening I headed to the first store to do some shopping, was there from 7 – 11 p.m. then onto a second store before coming home to load up a couple of teenagers to head to Bowling Green to hit the mall for a few hours. I got some good deals but the husband scored with his first ever Black Friday trip.

I came home at 4 a.m. Friday morning and slept until 11 a.m. He and I borrowed the good doctors truck and headed to Elizabethtown to the Best Buy where we found a great deal on a new t.v. for his “man cave.” I scored a new pre-lit Christmas tree and Arby’s roast beef on the way home. Totally worth the extra travel for the day!

New tree is up, new monster, too-big, drive-in screen is mounted proudly on the husbands wall like a trophy and the old bigger t.v. has been relocated to my room.

Only causality was my allergies after the husband kicked up dust from changing out my old t.v. to my new one, and the assault on my wallet isn’t as bad as I sit here lounging with a lumpy smoothie while trying to adjust my eyes to the larger view.
The eldest girl got this fabulous hat for $4.00. Rock on, kid...rock on!

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