Wednesday, October 31, 2012


My family loves to dress up for Halloween. Well, the husband and I love it. The kids are about over it. Since I just started blogging this year I thought I would share a few of our current Halloween costumes and past performances.

Today for the radio show I was “Crazy Target Lady”

I’m pretty sure I am going to wear this on Black Friday. I think I would be able to get to any door buster I wanted without being demanded to the back of the line.

Over the weekend my husband and I were “Captain Kangaroo and Mr. Rogers.” (2012)

Last year we were “Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker.” (2011)

I really went to the PTL Club when I was younger. Thank goodness the Tootsie Roll Company sent us wax lips in our Halloween candy shipment, I would have never pulled it off.

Before that we were “Suzanne Somers and Richard Simmons.” (2010) The best part of this costume was the Thigh Master my sister still had in storage. I just stood around all night working the Thigh Master like it was my job. Didn’t walk for three days after.

This one year when my babies were all in grade school I found the cutest monster treat idea. These were so much fun…for the first six. We made 90. My husband almost banished Halloween treats from our repertoire after this episode.

Last year my sweet eldest child was the gorgeous Audrey Hepburn. She bore a stunning resemblance. (2011)

I’ve had a Candy Corn Witch (2011)

MTV’s Daria and Jan(2008)
"Daria and my Pirates" (2008)

My Michael Jackson and his friend Elvis return from the dead (2009)

I've been “Medusa” (2004)

“Wonder Woman and Captain America” (2007)

"Wednesday and Pugsley Addams" (2008)

And one year I even had a “Girl Next Door Bunny” and “Hugh Hefner” (2009)
That one should come with a warning label...

This sweet blast from the past is one of my favorite days. (2003) Eldest girl loved her kitty tied to her broom and the babies loved their cat and dragon costumes.

I already have next year’s picked out and I cannot stop laughing…My husband morphs into any character spot on! Tune in…

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