Monday, October 22, 2012

The Boy. The Nerd.

Why does a thick pair of glasses bring out the nerd in people? Is this innate in us? There is an unclaimed pair of BC’s lying on our counter in the game room and I noticed the boy eyeballing them.

What’s BC’s? Glad you asked.

My husband was in the Airforce in the early 90’s. His basic training was in Texas. I used to tease him that someday a long lost child from Texas would show up on our doorstep. That was until I saw a picture of him in his BC’s. His military issued eyeglasses, also known to the soldiers as Birth Control’s. The picture assured me that he was NOT procreating while stationed in Texas.

The boy finally stretches his hand out and slides these glasses onto his face. It was like an instant metamorphosis. His bangs split in two, and his other hand grabbed his shorts and pulled them as high as he could before slouching into a comfortable bend. His tiny frame began to wiggle back and forth with his fists going the opposite direction.

Even his voice changed.

Proud momma. I knew he would grow up to do great things.

Our weekend was full of family. My nephew Maxwell turned nine and we celebrated down on the farm. My sister bought land that her boys and mine love to roam over and discover new things, like a small cave. We trekked our way to this small cave, navigating down a hill using a rope as a railing system that my brother-in-law installed. On the way back up my other sister’s two-year-old little girl– who she was carrying the entire way – said, “It’s almost over momma.” At the top of this very steep hill she then said, “Sheww, I’m tired.”

She's a stinker. If you're not from the south, that's a term we use for children we love. Just walk away from trying to wrap your mind around this and carry on.

We went to church with this same sister on Sunday. It was “Neighbor Day” at her church and we live in the same subdivision. The Sunday before she had invited us since it was “Family Day” but we over slept and didn’t make it. She forgave us since “Neighbor Day” was near. Saved from disgrace.

I came home and cooked all day Sunday. I rarely cook anymore after eight years of catering almost burned me out; pardon the pun. My husband was hunting all day. He has a new bow, a new bruise on his arm after Sunday and Thank God, no dead animal in my deep freeze. Not sure I’m ready to be that kind of wife. We gave up being doom’s day preppers…too much pressure. I’m too busy pinning funny saying’s on Pinterest…pffttt, gallons of water and bean sprouts. I’ll just dye laughing.

In other Thomas’ Family business:

The boy got his basketball gear. He never takes off the socks. Weird, Nerdy kid.

Had a family cook-out with my small group tonight. Twice in three days I have cooked hotdogs over an open flame. I just realized, I could live in the last days. All I need is marshmallows. And hotdogs. And open flame. And a Stick. Yes a stick is all I will need – it will double as a weapon.

Quote of the Day: (Comes from Pinterest. Surprised?) When I stop to let you cross the road I don’t need you taking your time. Knees to chest, Heffer, knees to chest!

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